White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO – Difference and Optimization Techniques

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEOThere are basically two types of SEO techniques people use to rank in the search engines. Let us know the Difference between White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO techniques.

  • White hat SEO technique – A Legal way of building SEO and following all the webmaster guidelines.
  • Black hat SEO technique – An Illegal, Deceptive and Unethical way of building SEO.

What is White Hat SEO technique?

White Hat SEO techniques are recommended by search engines and there are standards and guidelines which need to be followed properly to optimize the SEO. White Hat SEO is mainly focused for the human visitors and the content has a very useful information which serves the visitors purpose.

Guidelines and White Hat SEO Techniques

It should follow the SEO guidelines provided by search engines like Google, Bing etc. Following these guidelines will improve the performance of websites in the search engines. Google Webmasters provides the detail guidelines which you can check out at Webmaster Guidelines

There should not be any deceptive method used to rank higher in search engines. Deceptive methods can include anything like Copying the contents, Sneaky redirects, Keyword Stuffing etc.

The quality of the content should be good. The main job of any website is to provide a quality content to the user and even scratch engines work hard to rank quality content higher in the search engines

The performance of the Webpage matters a lot. You need to optimize the website for speed and provide the best performance to the end-user. Read the detailed guide on How to Optimize websites for best performance.

What is Black Hat SEO Technique?

Black Hat SEO is a technique where people use shortcuts to make money online quickly. It involves deceptive, fraud, unethical way of performing the SEO. These techniques are not accepted by Search Engines and it will fail in the long run. Black hat involves an aggressive way of building SEO using different tactics and techniques which does not obey any search engine rules.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Keyword Stuffing

To rank certain keywords higher on the search engines people do keyword stuffing. It’s a process where users will be repeating the keywords many times in the same article at various places. By increasing the keyword density people try to deceive the search engines bots. The recommended keyword density by the SEO professionals is somewhere between 2-3% in each post. The trend has changed now and people do use LSI keywords and Long tail keywords.


This was a very famous Black hat technique in the earlier days of SEO. Cloaking is a method where people create two different version of pages one for the visitors and other for the search engine bots. Check out the detailed video from Matt Cutts on Cloaking.

Meta Keyword Stuffing

Search engines use to give a lot of preference and value to Meta tags earlier and people use to perform Keyword stuffing in the meta keywords. Even the keywords that are unrelated to websites or the content is called as meta tag stuffing. To avoid these webmasters has stopped considering the Meta keywords for ranking in search engines.

Doorway or Gateway Pages

These are very low-quality pages filled with minimal content on the page and it will be stuffed with a lot of keywords. This process of creating a poor quality content is called as doorway or gateway pages.

Page Hijacking

This is one of the popular black hat techniques which even works now. Page hijacking is a process to create a website or web page similar to some popular site and shows the content similar to search engine crawlers but redirect visitors to some malicious sites. This is one of the dangerous and nasty methods where visitors are deceived with PII information.

Automated Backlinks

Automated backlinks are the backlinks created using some software to rank higher in search engines.  Read more about link building article.


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