What should be the ideal Length of article or blog?

Every blogger will have this question when they begin blogging. What Should be the content length of each article? There are various debates going on with this topic, some say shorter the length is better and others say longer the article is better for SEO. So what should be the ideal length of an article or blog?

What should be the ideal Length of article or blog

Article Length and SEO Impact

Well, there is no definite length of the content where you can rank better. Both longer and shorter article length has its own advantages and disadvantages. I would suggest you to write content for users where they can get the information completely and easy to understand.

Think yourself as a user and judge whether the answer should be elaborated in detail or shorter answer can fulfill the need.

What should be the ideal Length of article or blog?

Example 1: A topic on How to install plugins in WordPress?

Well if you look at the title mentioned in the example I could easily finish this article within 150- 200 words with the help of screenshots. I do not have to unnecessarily bluff around just to increase the word count.

Few bloggers will unnecessarily try to increase the word count by explaining irrelevant things like (What is WordPress? What is Plugins? ) and later come to the actual topic.

The end result after publishing the article would be something different. Users will get annoyed and leaves the site because the answer is not within first 2 paragraphs.

Hence, if you could provide information about any topic in 200-500 words then go ahead and write articles about it. Be Short and Simple provide as much information required about the topic.

Example 2: A topic about How to Install and Configure WordPress?

This kind of topic needs a clear and detailed explanation and to write about the installation and configuration of WordPress it would take at least 2000 words.

Even the user will know that it’s a very long process and he expects it to be in the detail. So if I write about the WordPress, Version of WordPress, Plugins, Hosting Configuration, DB configuration it would make sense. We could also write troubleshooting basic errors while installing WordPress in the same article.

SEO impact on Article Length

There are many articles which are very lengthy like 2000+ words and some articles which are shorter than 100 words and still rank higher in the Google. So there won’t be any impact on SEO if you have shorter or longer article length.

Does the shorter content length affect search engine ranking?

No, as long as your content is unique and people find it useful it will not affect the ranking. There are many articles written by popular bloggers within 200 words and they do rank at top 1 in google. Think of the forums and Q&A sites where the user comes and asks a question, many of the answers would be short and precise to the point and it still ranks well in search engines.

Do I rank well in search engines if I write Longer content around 2000 words?

No, Even if you write an article with 2000 words or with 4000 words Google is not going to rank you on top. If the content is not useful for people then the user would leave within a second or two and you lose the reputation. Google has more than 250+ factors to rank each and every URL in their SERP. So content length is not one of the ranking factors.

Why do People suggest to write longer content with a minimum of 2000+ words? Are there any advantages?

If you are writing a lengthier article around 2k+ words then one benefit you would get is to include more keywords, long tail keywords, and LSI keywords. Apart from this, I do not see any other advantages of writing longer content.

Is there any Ideal content length for an article or blogs?

There is no ideal content length for an article. Google always loves the fresh and unique content and if you can update your blog regularly with fresh and unique content then you would definitely rank better in the search engine. The information which you provide need to be crisp and should provide the correct information to the visitor. At the end of the day if the visitor is satisfied after reading the content then it’s worth writing the article.


At the end of the day, content is what matters to the visitors. Write a good quality content for users not for crawlers. Do not worry about the length of the article. Write what you know and do share it on the social channels. Over the time, you will rank in search engines.

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  1. Peter Pero says:

    I think 1500 words content is good enough to write in depth though longer the content chances are high to rank. Worth reading!

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