What is Bounce Rate?

So What is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is an internet marketing term used mainly in web traffic analysis. It is also a technique to measure the performance and the content of the website. I will stick on to basics in this article and later expand in another article in depth.

So here is the question from most of the Newbies.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an important metrics for the web site owners which indicates the what percentage of the visitors are “bouncing” off from the site whenever they visit your site. Bounce rates usually describe the visitors interest onto your site.

What is Bounce Rate?

When Does Bounce Really occurs?

A bounce usually happens when a website visitor views only one page on your website and exits for any of the below reason bounce happens. It means the visitor has left the site without visiting any other pages before a specified timeout occurs.

A Bounce can happen for several reasons which  include –

  1. The Visitor Closed the browser or the tab after visiting your site.
  2. The visitor has clicked on one of your Ads and navigated to an external website.
  3. The Visitor hits the back button
  4. The Visitor has clicked some external link from your page
  5. The Visitor typed a new URL on his browser
  6. The Visitor Session Timeout.

All the above actions cause the visitor to leave your site. Provided the visitor has performed one of the above actions right after he visits your site(Before clicking onto a second page) leads to higher bounce rate usually.

How Do Analytics Softwares Calculate Bounce Rate?

Well to answer this question there is no industry standard set to calculate the bounce rate accurately, However, a standard formula available in market is:

R_b = frac{T_v}{T_e}


  • Rb = Bounce rate
  • Tv = Total number of visitors viewing one page only
  • Te = Total visits/entries to website

Now let us take and example and calculate the bounce rate for a website.

For the particular month let us consider your entire site receives  150,000 visits, out of which around 60,000 visits are bounced after visiting the first page/landing page of your website. So the bounce rate for your website for that particular month would be 60,000/150,000 which is equal to 0.40 and multiply it by 100 gives us the 40%. Hence, the bounce rate for your website is 40 percent.

By Now you have understood the bounce rate concept and now you know lower the bounce rate is always better, it means people are interested in the site and they are finding the right information on your website.

How Do I know What is the Bounce Rate of my website?

Well, there are many website analytics software available which tells you what is the bounce rate of your website and provides you the website statistics. I will mention few of the popular ones below.

  • Google Analytics – Need to sign up and install the tracking code in your website to calculate bounce rate.
  • Alexa – Displays your site ranking and also provides an approximate bounce rate of your website. No Signup required.

What should be the Ideal Bounce Rate for the website?

The ideal bounce rate for the website should not cross above 35-40 percent. If the bounce rate is more then 40% then seriously there is something wrong on the website which needs to be addressed quickly.

There is an exception for Bounce rate if your site is meeting any one of the below conditions ideally.

  • If the websites is a Single Page Application
  • People come to your site and see just a single page and gets the all the information required and then they leave.

I would discuss in more detail about What is the main reason to cause Bounce Rate on your website and How to reduce Bounce Rate on your site in detail in the upcoming article.

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