Ways to Make your Brand fully Present Online

Below are the different ways to make your brand fully present online.

• Branding in the digital age
• Spend money the right way on your brand online
• Creating memorable content

Almost every individual or company has a personal brand. Many of which have not been consciously cultivated, but exist non-the-less. I in order to sell your products, build followers and subscribers, entice consumers or change the mind of readers and get them interested in you, your company and your services, they have got to firstly know exactly who you are – and you can do this by choosing to guide and cultivate your brand online. In this article, we are going to look at five ways you can start to make your brand fully present online from the comfort of your office.

Start to Think of Yourself as a Brand

The first thing you should think about when it comes to your brand’s image is what you want people to associate with you when they think of your name. This could be that you want to be seen as an expert in your field, or that you’re an honest businessman, but either way, it should be positive. After you make that decision, you can then move forward and be more strategic about your personal brand and its growth and plan how you are going to follow it through online.

Investigate your Present Online Existence

Do you know what your current online status is? If not, the next step is to investigate and understand what information about you is currently on the web. You can start this process by simply doing a Google search on your name. In an article for Forbes, Shama Hyder explains that “Cultivating a strong personal brand is just as much about being responsive to what is being said an it is about creating intellectual property”. It is important to do this search (or even set up regular alerts on your name) on a weekly basis, as keeping up with the current information will help you shape and grow your brand online in the direction you want it to go.

Invest in a Website

One of the best ways to rank on search engines for your company’s name or your own personal name is to invest in a website. Here you can include two to three pages with your resume, links to your social media platforms and a short bio about yourself and what you do. As your brand grows, you can add on to your website and include more information. If the name you had chosen has already been taken, look at alternatives. For example, if you want to use your personal, full name, but it has already been used, we suggest that you alter it by adding the initial of second name (if you have one).

Choose Online Networks that Support your Brand’s Image

Social media is one of the best online mediums to use once you have your own website. There are hundreds of social media networks available, most of which are not worth investing your time and energy, but if chosen correctly, there are some which will boost your brand more than you could have imagined by simply choosing the one relevant to your business and your customer’s needs.

Here are five of the most popular social media platforms, how they are use and the customer base they target:

• If your brand relies heavily on Images, Instagram is the perfect platform to invest your time in. Is it great for clothing companies and retailers who need their products to be showcased in such a way that the images attract customers to come to their stores and seek out the items they saw on the app.
Google + has not quite taken off as many people predicted – and is better for reaching people in the technology and engineering industries.
Pinterest is dominated, mostly, by women, and again is a great way to showcase products such as jewellery, clothing and decor. Companies tend to use Pinterest to give their followers inspiration, mainly for their homes, by using powerful, well-photographed, and well-staged imagery that shows off their products and motivates potential customers to visit the store and buy the products of their choice.
LinkedIn is the perfect platform if you operate a business-to-business company, as it promotes a lot of business-related content and help people in relevant fields connect with other corporate influences.
• Last but not least, Facebook is – by far – the most popular social media platform when it comes to promoting brand awareness. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to promote almost any brand you choose due to its user base being so diverse.

Your Content needs to be Valuable and Shareable

The last point we are going to talk about may seem very straight forward to most, but not every brand knows how important producing content that is not only valuable but shareable too, is to consumers. Content that is well-written and filled with information that is useful to readers will ensure that your brand is not only fully present online but successful too, as it will enable you to create a much stronger brand reputation that consumers will take note of and remember in the future.

When creating content it’s critical to remember that every single piece of content you create and share should be in line and support your brands image. Do not try to pull off humour that can be seen as distasteful, as some may find it offensive and it will most certainly reflect badly on you and your company. Once you have posted a good amount of content online, you will then need to gauge its popularity.

This is to find out what content is liked by your readers and what content gains good visibility on your website and social media networks, and this way you will know what to produce more of. By doing so you may find that images work better for your audience with a small amount of text, instead of a huge body of text with no images, so it is important to look at all of your data. Lastly, you should not be scared to use more visual content, more often, as they attract more viewers and readers across all web platforms.

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