Use Visual Content to Drive Traffic to your blog

There is a popular English Idiom which says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This article demonstrates on how to Use Visual Content to Drive Traffic to your blog. Consider if you are reading an article or newspaper and it is completely filled with text content and it feels like you are reading a textbook. People always hate to read such a long content without any visual content.

According to recent survey 65% readers always prefer the visual content because human eye and the brain respond more quickly to the visual content rather than the text.

If the visual image or video is creative and appealing then it would stay in the user’s mind for a longer time and it helps in recalling the things very quickly.

Use Visual Content to Drive Traffic to your blog

Below are the types of visual content which you could use on your blog to increase the traffic and make the website more presentable.

Images: If you feel that your article content is very large then you should split up into paragraphs and implement the related images between the body texts. Make sure that the image is relevant to the text and it is appealing. There are higher chances of getting more views and share on the social networking sites when you use the articles with images.
Attract users by Visual Content

Videos: If your article is about some tutorials, or how to guides it is always better to make videos and present it on the site. Consider you are writing an article about a recipe, even if you place a lot of images and text it will be very difficult to understand.  You may not be able to convey the user with proper information with text and images. But if you make the video of it a lot of things are watched and understood. A recent study showed that using video on the landing page increased the conversion rate by 80%. The best part is you could monetize both the blog and the video and earn more money.

Infographics: Infographics is a very creative and modern way to drive a lot of traffic to your site. Most of the times infographics are used to present a complex or statistics data as an image. Infographics also help you in content marketing strategy.

Use Visual Content to Drive Traffic to your blog

Image Courtesy Hubspot

Eg: Consider for example you are creating the infographics on the “Order of Operations to make a site SEO Friendly”.  This topic can be explained in 700-1000 words in details or I could just present the below infographics with all the main heading points.

Some of the advantages of creating the high compelled infographics data –

  1. Infographics attract the visitors and it’s an eye-catching visual representation.
  2. It drives a lot of traffic to your site.
  3. Improves the SEO quality if done properly.
  4. Social Sharing will be increased in Google+, Pinterest, Twitter etc and it will bring huge traffic to your site.

There are other visual contents like Presentations, GIF’s, Screenshots which can be used on the website as a graphical content to create more stunning content.

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