Top 22 reasons why you are not getting good traffic on your website

Every new blogger will be supercharged initially to start the blog and write few articles in the beginning and expect traffic on the site and revenue every month.This won’t happen if you are not consistent. Well to get the good traffic you should write quality articles and follow the basic principles of blogging. There might be various reason why you are not getting good traffic on your website.

Things like Domain Age, Page rank, Domain Authority, Author Reputation, Social media strategy, Content Freshness, also affects the traffic and the ranking of the website.

Top 22 reason why you are not getting good traffic on your website

  1. You have not indexed the site in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and Other search engines.
  2. There are no return visitors for your site. This happens if your Content is not good enough for the people.
  3. The Design or the UI of the Site Sucks badly.
  4. You are very new but aiming for the very high competitive keywords in your blog.
  5. You are not creating shareable content of your article.
  6. You are not creating any external and internal links in the blog.
  7. The site is not organized properly for the user navigation.
  8. Your website is loading very slowly.
  9. The images, CSS, and JS are not optimized for the site and page size is very high.
  10. Your content is not very useful and interesting to users.
  11. You are not putting much effort on the site to increase traffic.
  12. You have written about the topic which no one searches over the internet.
  13. Your topic might be too broad and many other popular articles are already over the internet.
  14. You have not optimized the content for right keywords.
  15. The SEO of your site is very bad and it is not optimized at all.
  16. You are not posting frequently enough.
  17. The title of your articles sucks.
  18. You are not engaging with the users over comments.
  19. You are targeting the wrong audience.
  20. You are not using any kind of analytics on your site.
  21. You are just waiting like any other new blogger that one day a miracle might happen and you will start getting a lot of users.
  22. You haven’t read any of the above things before starting the blog.

Please do comment if you come across any other reasons for not getting enough traffic to your website.

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