Tips to Earn money from infolinks and increase infolinks revenue

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is one of the best advertising platforms which offers ads for both publishers, advertisers and brands.If you have good traffic on your website then it’s easy to Earn money from infolinks. They have various type of ad offering to the clients, however, their core product and revenue generation is InText ad which can be embedded directly into the contents of an anchor tag.

As a blogger, you might have several questions about infolinks. Here are few of the questions which are asked very frequently.

Can I use Infolinks with Google Adsense combined?

As a novice blogger this would be the basic question that everyone will ask can infolinks and Google Adsense be used parallel in the blog. Yes, you can use both Adsense and infolinks in parallel without any issue. I run both AdSense and infolinks in all my blogs currently and I have not faced any issue till today.

According to Infolinks Vice President Tomer Treves, “Infolinks InText ads complete the contextual web ad experience initiated by AdSense. Plus, it only takes a minute to get going and we don’t hold you to any long-term commitments – it couldn’t be simpler.

Also, you could check more details on their blog Infolinks and AdSense. My best recommendation is to go with both infolinks and adsense if you have more page visits for your blog.

How much money can I earn through Infolinks?

Well, it depends on page visits and the content you have written on the blog. Can I really Earn money from infolinks?Most of the bloggers initially claim that they are not getting paid anything or their infolinks, in turn, their Pageviews, Adviews are high but Ad eCPM and earnings are 0$.

Below are the major things which might be the reason for lower Ad eCPM.

  • Infolinks pays the money only if the ads gets served on your blog and if the visitor sees the advertisement.
  • There are default ads which will be displayed by infolinks if there is no ad to display to a visitor, infolinks will not pay anything for default ads.
  • Infolinks serves up the ads based on the quality of the website and the content. It means if you have good SEO keywords the eCPM or the earnings for that visit is higher.
  • Keywords, Visitor location, and Niche of the blog affect the earnings of infolinks. Infolink pays out higher if the Visitors are from US and Australia, but if the visitors are Non-US then the pay might be lesser comparatively.

What are the types of ads Infolinks offer and How to increase infolinks revenue?

  1. InScreen Ads

    The InScreen, which is known as an “interstitial ad”, is an ad unit that is shown “in-between” the publisher website pages. The InScreen allows the publishers to benefit from a standalone ad unit with a combination of Infolinks smart algorithm. I do not recommend to use this ad as it keep on notifying and might lead to a bad user experience.The ad can be active and present in three conditions:

    1. Entrance – when a user is entering to the publishers website.
    2. Internal Pages – when a user passes in between inner pages on the publishers’ website.
    3. Exit – when a user is leaving the publishers website to an external link.
  1. InFrame ads

    These ads are the optimal banner solution, allowing publishers to capitalize on the extra margin space of visitors originating from wide screen monitors and only these devices. InFrame ads display as vertical banner ads on the left and right sides of your website to traffic arriving on a wide screen. This optimizes ad real estate since typically there would be only empty, unused space in these extended margins.

Our smart algorithm discerns how wide the margins are and customizes the ad size to fit the width of the screen.The size of the ads will be determined by the amount of free space your site has and by the screen resolution of your website visitors.

InFrame delivers ads based on your websites’ categories which you have set in the dashboard. So be sure to set the proper categories for all of the sites within your Infolinks network to ensure that you receive the most optimized ads and increase infolinks revenue!

  1. InFold Ads

    Infold ads optimize intent by serving ads relevant to what your users are searching for, displayed in a premiere location. InFold, named for its placement just above the page’s fold, only appears when needed, introducing itself to visitors with an unobtrusive overlay ad. A few seconds after it appears, it quietly shrinks down to a headline. InFold is a proven revenue booster as it lures engagement with 30 times the CTR of conventional ad units and you can Earn money from infolinks

  1. InText Ads

    Get the look you want by customizing the color, underline style and a number of InText ads per page under the Customize tab in your account. It is highly recommended to keep the default settings (12) for the number of InText ads and the default (double) underline. Rest assure, our smart algorithm only highlights the most relevant keywords and will match a reasonable amount of marked words on each page.

As for the color of the InText ads, choose a color that will stand out from your regular text to ensure that the ads are more accessible to your website’s visitors.

Can I Earn money from infolinks just by referring people? Check Out the New Referral Program from Infolinks

The referral program is pretty straight forward and easy way to earn money. For every publisher, you refer to infolinks you will be getting 10% of the revenue which the publisher is earning for the 12 months.

So let’s say if you do not want to blog and still earn then the referral is the best way to earn more money. Let’s say you Referred 10 people and each one will earn at least 100 $ per month then easily you would also earn 100 $ every month without any effort.

Just go to referral tab in the dashboard center and check out for the unique referral link and start spreading the word. The referral link would look like

If you have any other techniques or questions about Infolinks do mention in the comment section, I will try to answer it. Last but not least share the article on social media and spread the knowledge.

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