Structure and Build Perfect SEO Optimized Page

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental task for all the websites. A proper SEO will help the users to find your website in search results and help them in getting the necessary information or a product what they require. To appear in the right position in search results we need to Structure and Build perfect SEO optimized Page and websites.

Today we are going to look at some of the basic SEO strategies which every websites owner can do to improve their SEO without hiring the professional in helping the SEO.

Use SEO Friendly URLs and Extensions

URL’s play important role in SEO and Google gives more prominence to SEO friendly URL’s.



According to MattCutts video, the first 3-5 keywords in the URL is more important and more weightage is given to that. Hence, Make sure the targeted keywords appear in the first 5 words of URL.

Few things to remember while building the URL

  • Do not have long URL’s
  • Place the targeted keywords first in the URL.
  • Avoid any stop words. (an, then, and, so, with, there, of etc)
  • Use hyphen “-” in the URL as a word separator rather than underscore “-“. This is the best practice.

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Perfectly Optimized Title Tags

The title of an article is the most important SEO factor. Google search displays a title tag and Meta Description of your web page in their results.

Meta Title Optimization techniques

  • Title Tag should be wrapped inside H1 tag. It carries more weightage.
  • Make sure the Title Tag length is under 55-60 characters max.
  • Make sure the targeted keywords appears in the first few words of the title.
  • Google gives more prominence to the order of the keywords in the title. The rankings will differ a lot if the keyword order is not proper.
  • Google search results can display only 50-60 characters in their results page. The maximum width of the title tag in 512px.

Link to Authority Websites

Make sure your article has inbound and outbound links. Outbound Linking will increase the relevancy signal and link to other related sites and pages will indicate google that the page has a quality information and of the same niche.

  • Have inbound linking to the related articles. This will help in reducing the bounce rate of your website
  • Outbound links are good.Provide references and citation to other authority sites like Wikipedia or any other authority sites, this indicates that your site is of quality.
  • Mention the author or websites if you have put any content from the other website. This will help you in building the reputation by providing the proper reference.
  • Use keywords while linking to the inbound articles. This will improve the search engine rankings and page rank of other articles.

Use Visuals to attract the users

Visuals are very important in the website. Some of the Visuals which you could have are images, videos, infographics, Gif images etc.

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Main Benefits of Visual Content

  • Reduces bounce rate  and increases time on site.
  • Helps you in boosting the user interaction. People will share the visual content more on social media sites.

There was a time of meta keyword’s where people use to fill in all types of keywords. Some of them even used keyword stuffing for better ranking. Now all that is gone, Google has come up with a technology called LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing) which is like a thesaurus, and it helps in analyzing the meanings of different keywords.

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Improve Page Loading Speed

Page Loading speed is one of the important factors of SEO from many years. Users don’t like slow web pages and even Google punishes badly if your website is taking a longer time to load.

Benefits of Faster Page Loading

  • Boosts the ranking in search engines. Google has officially stated that page loading speed is one of the ranking factors.
  • Increases the user visit count. A recent survey indicates 75% of the users wouldn’t re-visit a website if it is taking more than 4 seconds to load.

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Word Count of the article matters

In the web world content is always a king. The word count of an article matters a lot. It also depends on the niche. If you notice carefully Wikipedia pages always rank on top and most of the times it appears on the first page for any keyword combination.

According to research Pages ranked on page 1 in Google has  a word count of above 2000 characters.  It’s always not necessary to have a word count of 2000 or above, but providing a detailed information on topic helps the users.

Advantages of having longer content length

  • You can increase keyword density
  • Allows you to place more long tail and LSI keywords in the content
  • Could rank better in search engines with more keywords.
  • Benefits the user as the detail information is provided.

Place Targeted Keywords in the First Paragraph

According to Moz the targeted keywords should appear in first 100-200 words of your article. Placing the important keywords at the first paragraph indicates the article is relevant to the topic and helps in boosting the rank.

Optimize the page for Social Sharing

Similar to link building the Social share is also an important SEO factor in this modern era. By adding social share icons on your web page you will increase the inbound link to links to your site.

Benefits of Social Media Share

  • Increases traffic on your website
  • Gets lot of inbound URLs to your website
  • You will build up a reputation over the time in a particular niche
  • Helps you in promoting the content to targeted audience easily.
  • You could get feedback on the product or business on social media. It’s easy to know what people are talking about your brand
  • Increase brand awareness to wide variety of people.
How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page
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