Stop Content pirates with Frame Buster plugin in WordPress

Many of the bloggers wouldn’t have heard about the tools like Sniply, Linkis, Start A Fire etc. Using these tools your blog content will be pirated in the social media websites by placing their own CTA’s on top of your content. In this article let’s look at How to Stop Content pirates with Frame Buster plugin in WordPress

What exactly is Content Hijacking?

In simple terms content hijacking is when you place your own advertisements, affiliates, call to action buttons on someone else’s content. People would have put a lot of effort and time building the website and someone easily duplicates it and place their own ads in it.

How does Content Hijacking Work?

There are many tools like Sniply, Linkis using which you could load any content in a frame and place your own CTA on that page. This link can be shared anywhere in the social media and when the user opens the link the content will be loaded inside a frame and your ads, CTA links will be placed in the content. When the user clicks on any of it then you will be earning a money.

Any good content people do read and share it. Hence, marketers use this technique to promote their websites and links using Sniply to boost the traffic.

If you are not a developer or a Geek then you will not see much difference when you open these pages. And the non-tech users tend to click on ads or any CTA button placed inside it.

This is the cleverest way to promote any website or the product by using other’s credibility. As a blogger, you need to protect content hijacking of your website.

There is a very good plugin for WordPress users through which you can stop Content Pirates.

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Stop Content pirates with Frame Buster plugin in WordPress

Stop Content pirates with Frame Buster plugin in WordPress

The Frame Buster by Warfare Plugins will detect any instance of your website being shown inside of a frame or a rerouted URL version of your content and redirect visitors to the original content (without the unsolicited calls-to-action).

The first thing you should do is to install the Frame Buster plugin. Once you install the plugin activate it to see the plugin in action. There is no extra settings or configuration required for this plugin.

If someone tries to hijack your content the plugin will detect if the content is loaded through a frame or any other rerouted URL. If it matches any, then the plugin will automatically redirect it to your site’s original article.

This plugin also ensures that content pirates cannot redirect traffic, leads, and conversions to their own calls-to-action.

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