How to Show Content Only to RSS Subscribers in WordPress

This is one of the best methods to get more RSS subscribers. You could display a message indicating subscribe to RSS to view the discount coupon or the bonus content. In this article, we will show you How to show content only to RSS subscribers in WordPress.How to Show Content Only to RSS Subscribers in WordPress

When should you use this feature?

It’s very difficult in getting the users to subscribe the RSS feed. You need to be really convincing to the user to subscribe to RSS feed. Most of the time it works if you have really good content or if you are a reputable person. Do not try this if your website is very new.

This method is best suited for Coupon sites, Q&A sites, Video sites etc. Many site owners use this tactic where they display subscribe to our RSS to get additional content or download PDF as bonus content. Hence, use your marketing skills to get users to subscribe to the feed.

How to Show Content Only to RSS Subscribers in WordPress

Method 1: Use WP Kill in Feed plugin to show content

This is the easiest way to show contents only to subscribed users. Install the plugin WP Kill in Feed from the WordPress and activate it. There are no other configurations or settings you need to change once you activate the plugin. It’s now ready to use in the articles.

The plugin provides 2 shortcodes to you.

  • The first shortcode is [addtofeed] [/addtofeed]. Any content you put inside this tag is visible only to the subscribed users. All type of content like Text, Image, Video etc are allowed inside this tag.
  • The second shortcode is [killinfeed] [/killinfeed]. If you want to hide any content like Advertisings to the subscribed user then this is the best option. Just wrap the content inside the tag and it will not be shown to the subscribed users.

Example to Shown content only to RSS Subscribers

Example to block content only for RSS subscribers

Method 2: Show Content only to RSS Feed Subscribers Using Code

Then another way to achieve the same functionality is by adding a small piece of code to your function.php file located in your theme folder.

The code is from the same plugin. It basically checks if the user is subscribed to the feed or not. IF the user is subscribed it returns the content wrapped inside the shortcode else it will return an empty text.’

You will need to wrap feed only content in a shortcode like this:

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