Where Exactly you should place the important Keywords on a web page?

This is going to be a short article on where exactly you should place the important keywords on a web page to rank higher in Search engines. According to bing webmaster guidelines placing keywords in certain areas are very important and will have a greater impact.

Where Exactly you should place the important Keywords on a web page?

  1. Page Title – Title tags are the most important factor of SEO. The keywords you are targeting should appear in the title for sure. The average length of the title is 60-75 chars max
  2. Meta Description – Metatags are specifically meta tags (Obsolete) and Meta Description should consist the keywords which you are targeting. The average length of meta description is 150-160 chars at max
  3. Page URL-  Keywords in the URL is a good thing and a solid idea for SEO. Keywords in the URL indicates to those who see the URL on social media, in an email, or when they hover on a link in articles and comments. URL is also displayed in the search engine results which is the most prominent element users consider before clicking on your link.
  4. Body Header and Sub Header Tags (h1,h2..h5 and so on) – Usually the primary keywords should appear in the Page title and Meta Description and H1 tag. It provides more relevance to the topic and search engines will rank higher. Alternatively, the secondary or the related keywords can be placed in the H2, H3 tags of the article.
  5. First Paragraph – Make sure that the keyword you are targeting appears in the first paragraph of the body content, it will have a significant impact on SEO and even for the readers, they will have a clear understanding of the topic what they are looking for.
  6. Image Alt tags – If you have images on your blog then make sure that it has right keyword used in the image alt tag. Even rename the image with the keyword you want to target. So when people use google image search the targeted keyword will rank higher compared to random image names like image1.png or img.jpeg.
  7. Body Text – Last but not least you should use the right keywords in your body text also. Do not spam or do keyword stuffing in the article body text. Remember always write the content for users to read not for SEO engines that way traffic will increase. If there is an opportunity to use some of the keywords use it wisely and also make sure of using synonyms when you want to use it in multiple places. Make sure you highlight or bold the important keywords in the body content.


Do a proper keyword research using Google Adwords or UberSuggest tool. Check out the complete Guide on Keyword researching for more details. Keywords should be specific to the page topic and relate to your overall website subject.If you follow every small step mentioned above then your website will have a significant improvement on the rankings.

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