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SEO by SQUIRRLY WordPress Plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugin available for the NON-SEO experts. Squirrly plugin is a Freemium software which provides an option to optimize up to 30 articles for 2 weeks time. Later it will be downgraded to Lite Version where you could optimize only 5 articles per month. Currently, there are more than 20,000 active download and a good number of reviews and rating for Squirrly SEO plugin.

Squirrly plugin comes with a lot of features and has a very good user-friendly graphical interface which will integrate with WordPress. You will also get an option where you could see a visual representation on each posts optimization level.

Features of SEO by SQUIRRLY WordPress Plugin

  • Perform research on keywords in the Keyword research tool.
  • Research keywords based on different targeting location. If you would like to target specific keywords to specific countries then you could research based on the country.
  • We can research LSI keywords using Squirrly keyword research.
  • Has a provision for researching multiple keywords.
  • Indicates if there is any over optimization was done.
  • Provides an option to check the page rank for a particular keyword once you post the article.
  • Built in page analytics which provides information on social shares, Google Page rank, Moz  Page Authority, Domain Authority, Backlinks etc
  • Complete site audit for SEO will be done on a weekly basis and provides a detailed SEO details in a PDF format.

How to Install and Use SEO by SQUIRRLY WordPress Plugin?

Installation and Configuration of SQUIRRLY SEO Plugin

The installation procedure is pretty simple. Navigate to WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugin>>Add New Plugin and search for SEO by Squirrly plugin. Click on install to complete the installation and activate the plugin.

Using SEO by Squirrly plugin

Step 1: Enter the keyword inside the Search box  in SQUIRRLY SEO Live Assistant and click on the arrow button to start the live optimization of an article.

Using SEO by Squirrly plugin

Step 2: Research additional keywords in the Squirrly keyword research box. You could use this to find multiple long tail keywords, LSI keywords  and also you could target to a specific country.

Squirrly Keyword Research

Step 3: Follow all the optimization techniques listed by Squirrly live assistant until it turns completely green. Once the bar is 100% green it means your article is completely optimized for SEO and you can publish the article to live users.

Pros and Cons of SEO by Squirrly


  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Most of the SEO optimization features are covered
  • Comes with built-in analytics on Google rank position, Monthly traffic etc.
  • Works perfectly with other SEO plugins like WordPress SEO, All in one SEO etc
  • Free site auditing report is an added advantage feature which analyzes the site completely for backlinks, authority, rank, traffic, SEO etc.
  • Affordable price


  • Multiple keyword optimization features are not present. The current version has the ability to research and target only on one keyword.
  • Does not recognize LSI keyword optimization. Instead of the same keyword if you have used LSI keywords Squirrly doesn’t recognize it.
  • SEO audit feature needs to be improved.


SQUIRRLY is the best SEO plugin which I have come across with ease of optimization and user-friendly interface. You could optimize all of your old articles with a click and improve the ranking in Search engines. I would definitely recommend this to all the bloggers who start blogging and even the people who do not have time to concentrate on SEO.

Even most of the experts like Neil Patel use Squirrly SEO plugin to optimize the site.

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