Prevent Image Theft in WordPress

The most common problem website owners face is Image theft. Most of the times novice users do copy your images and put it on their site without providing proper attribution to the source of the image. Here are some of the ways you can Prevent Image Theft in WordPress.

Does Copyright notice protect me from Image theft?

Even if you have put a copyright notice or DCMA signed logo people still do come and steal your images, content, videos etc, because these are easily accessible to the users and easy to copy.

By default, every content, image, video you created is copyright protected and the creator is always the owner of those assets. You don’t need to mention copyright protected specifically on your website. It’s understood by default and people should assume that the content and image they are viewing is copyright protected.

It’s unethical and unprofessional behaviour of copying others work and presenting as yours without giving any credit or attribution to the original creator. But most of the people steal your content. There are many royalty free images where people can get free images.

We will not be able to completely stop people copying your content but there are some ways where you can restrict and make it difficult to steal the content. Here are some of the ways to Protect images in WordPress site.

Prevent Image Theft in WordPress

Use WP Content Copy Protection  Plugin to Protect Content Theft

WP Content Copy Protection - Prevent Image theft in WordPressThis is one of the best plugins where it has a lot of features and helps you in protecting your content and images. The plugin will also disable the right click for the users which makes very hard to view source, copy or save the image. Some of the best features of this plugin are listed below.

  • Disable the right click on everything apart from links.
  • Disable text selection in both Desktop and mobile.
  • Restricts users from Drag/drop images, open image in new tab, or save on PC and mobile devices.
  • Restricts users from using keyboard copy, paste shortcuts to copy your content.
  • Disables ‘Source view’, ‘Save Page’, and ‘Print’ key functions

The free version comes with a lot of features and also there is no configuration needed. Just install and activate the plugin, rest everything is taken care  by the plugin. The premium version of plugin has some additional features like

  • Admin has authority to exclude certain pages/ posts from being protected.
  • Enable/ Disable protection to registered users.
  • Disable even the developer tools like F12, Ctrl + U, Ctrl+Shift+I and other combination keys.
  • Compatible and works very well with all the gallery plugins.

Use Watermark on the Images

There are many free plugins in WordPress where you could install and add Watermark for your images. Two of the best plugins are listed below.

Image Watermark – This plugin allows you to add Watermark on the images which you upload to the media library and it also has certain other features like Bulk Watermark option, Applying Watermark to existing images and you can also control the position, size, opacity etc of the watermark  in the image.

Easy Watermark – Easy watermark is another popular plugin available to add the watermark in the images. It has pretty much all the option which Image Water plugin provides and it also supports various file formats like PNG, JPG, GIF etc., and you can watermark all size of the images (thumbnail, medium, large and full size).

Disable Hotlinking of Images in WordPress

There is another way of stealing your content without even copying the images. People can steal you images by hotlinking into their site. It means the images are still hosted on your site and they use your resources to load the image using the same URL into third party sites without your permission.

To Disable hotlinking of Images add the below code in the .htaccess file. You could find the .htaccess in the root directory of your WordPress installation.

Just replace with your domain name and save the .htaccess file it will work like a charm. The above code also allows bing and google to display the images of your website. In case if you want to add any other domain duplicate the same line and change the domain.

Add Copyright Notices on Your WordPress Site

The last option you could try is to place the copyright symbol on the footer of your website. This will discourage some people from copying the contents of your website. You can also use DCMA logo or place other copyright protected widgets which will notify users that your site is completely copyright protected and any illegal activities or violations will be punished by the law.

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