Perform A/B Split test on WordPress Post Titles to get more clicks

Choosing the Post Title is the hardest thing ever. It always takes more research and we have to put eye-catching and keyword optimized post titles. Having a catchy title leads you more traffic and more clicks to your website. In this article let’s learn How to Perform A/B Split test on WordPress Post Titles to get more clicks on your blog.

There is a free plugin called Title Experiments Free which does the job seamlessly. The first step is to Install and Activate this free plugin on your blog, Upon activation, visit the settings by clicking on Settings » Title Exp Settings to configure the plugin.

Perform A/B Split test on WordPress Post Titles to get more clicks

The settings are pretty simple and easy to configure. See the below details for the complete configuration.

Use JavaScript: Most of the WordPress sites use heavy caching like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Enable the option “Use JavaScript to set titles” if you have any caching plugin installed on your website. This makes sure that same title will not be shown to everyone.

Hide Body Until the Tests are Loaded: If you have enabled Use JavaScript option then you should enable this setting to prevent the user from seeing the blank title. Most often JavaScript will be loaded at the end and title will be blank till then. Enabling this option

Enabling this option makes sure that the body will be hidden to prevent seeing the empty space and everything will be loaded after the title loads.

Search Engine Title: This option lets you select which title to be displayed in the Search Engine. There are 3 options you can select.

  • First Title – Selects first POST title to display in the search engine.
  • Best Performing Title – Selecting this title will display the best title will in Search Engines.
  • Experiment – This option will allow you to experiment A/B Testing the post titles in the search engine.

Ignore logged in users: This setting ignores logged in users (except Subscribers) from experimentation.

Best title in feed: This option will select the best performing title in feeds instead of the default title.

Recalculate A/B Testing: Recalculate title display probabilities every so often. Doing it too often can slow down high traffic sites. default settings of 5 minutes should be the best option.

How to Perform A/B Split test on WordPress Post Titles

Once the configuration is completed then you can start performing the A/B test by adding a new post to see the plugin in action. In the Add Post screen, you will find an option to add multiple post titles. Try creating the different variation of SEO friendly titles with different keywords and publish the post to  see the live action.

Setting different post titles for testing

Once you have enough traffic on your post you can see the which titles has performed best by editing the post. When you edit the post the statistics is displayed as shown below.

Tracking performance of your post titles after split testing

Each time the article is displayed to the user it is counted as an impression and each time the article is visited it is counted as a view. This will easily let you see what percentage of impressions get clicked on for each title.

If your site gets too much traffic then you instant notice which titles are best performing and getting more positive response from users. According you can start using those  keywords in your post titles to write more effective and eye-catching headlines.

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