LSI Keywords – Find, Implement and Optimize them for SEO

In the previous article, we have talked about LSI keyword tool. Search engines like Google use LSI keywords in their algorithm when the user search for a phrase. In this article let’s take a look in detail about LSI keywords.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index. LSI keywords definition according to Wikipedia stands as Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text.

In simple terms, these are the word phrases that are related to your primary keyword when you search in Google. In other words, we can call these words as synonyms of the primary word.

For Eg:  Let’s say you are writing about “Cars” in your blog topic. Now here are the possible search result topics about the keyword “cars”.

  • Cars- An Animation Movie
  • Cars – The vehicle
  • CARS – the Canadian Association for Rally Sports
  • CARs – the Canadian Aviation Regulations

LSI Keywords Google Auto SuggestI can go on with the list. So there are many things about a simple keyword “Cars” so how does google/bing know what topic you are writing about? Google doesn’t recognize the capital letters. It’s case insensitive.

Google algorithm is very smart and when it crawls your page it looks for the synonyms and related keywords in the content. This is where the LSI keywords come into the picture.

So let’s take a look at the synonyms of the keyword “Cars”

  • Cars- An Animation Movie (Movie, Cinema, picture, Film, Actor, Actress, Director, Producer, Pixar etc.)
  • Cars – The vehicle (Buy, Sell, Dealers, Audi, Benz, Land rover, vehicle, speed, engine, features, etc.)
  • CARS – the Canadian Association for Rally Sports (Canadian, Sports, Association, Championship, Racing, Motor Racing etc.)
  • CARs – the Canadian Aviation Regulations (airports, flight, aviation, regulation, etc.)

Hence, when Google digs into your content deeper it finds the synonyms of the keywords and that’s how it know what the topic is about.

Advantages of using LSI Keywords

By now you know what exactly LSI keywords are. There are many benefits of using LSI keywords. Here are some of the main benefits of using LSI keywords.

Avoids Keywords Stuffing or Spamming Keywords

The first and foremost advantage of using LSI keywords is you can avoid keyword stuffing in your article. We all know keyword density plays an important role in ranking a post. Use LSI keywords wherever applicable instead of repeating the same keywords again and again. It also increases the content credibility and the readability.

By using LSI keywords you can improve the on-page SEO drastically by placing several other related keywords and you will notice an increase in search engine ranking.

Increases the search engine ranking

Having LSI keywords on your page can improve the search engine ranking when people search using related keywords or if they search using Synonyms or related keywords.

You don’t have to worry about the targeting the keywords anymore. If the user types any semantical keywords, Google will take care for you by displaying the right semantic results.

Increase in Domain Authority and Trust Flow.

By increasing the search engine ranking, you will get more clicks on the page which will result in the increase of domain authority and increase in trust flow of your site.

Increase visitor on-page time readability

It also helps you in retaining the visitors for a longer time. Since there are no keywords repetitions the content will look very natural and makes the user read the entire content without the distraction of spammy keywords.

Decreases bounce rates

LSI keywords help you in decreasing the bounce rate. By having LSI keywords on your page it indicates Google what exactly your topic is about and hence avoiding the site from ranking on wrong search terms.

Let’s say if you have written something about the “Cars” which is a vehicle, having LSI keywords makes sure that your page will be ranked in Google for the users who search for topics related to “Cars” the vehicle and not the “Cars” the movie.

LSI keywords vs Long tail keywords

This is most often asked question. What is the difference between LSI keywords and Long tail Keywords? Here are some of the few which are worth to mention.

  • LSI keywords are often synonyms of the primary keywords.
  • Long tail keywords are the exact keywords of which user is trying to search. It boils down to the exact search criteria. For Eg : “Buy Benz Car in New York”. Now this is a long tail keyword. It clearly indicates the user is searching for Benz car in New York region.
  • LSI keywords will broaden the search results while Long tail keywords will narrow down the search results.
  • Both LSI and Long tail keywords can be used to optimize SEO and improve search engine ranking by using it at the right place.

How to Find LSI keywords? Are there any Tools to find LSI keywords?

By now you know what are LSI keywords and benefits of using Latent Semantic keywords. So how do you find LSI keywords?

Here are some of the best LSI Keyword Generator tools available in the market.

  1. Google / Bing Search
  2. Google Keyword Planner (Google Adwords)
  3. LSI Graph
  4. SEMrush
  5. Keyword Shitter
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Soolve
  8. Mondovo
  9. SEOPressor
  11. Squirrly
  12. Keys4Up

These are the top 12 LSI keyword tools which I could find currently. Let’s see how to use these tools.

Google /Bing Search

The Best LSI keyword tool that you could find is Google and Bing. No other tool can beat them for sure. In order to find the Latent Sematic Indexing Keywords in Google try below options.

  • Google Instant Search
  • “Searches related to” in results page
  • Keywords that are in Bold in the search results

Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search is one of the best tools to get LSI keywords. Just type your primary keyword in the Google search box and you will get 10 auto-suggested keywords in the dropdown. Identify some of the related search keywords from these suggestions and repeat the search with related keywords.

Google Instant LSI Keyword results

Find LSI keywords in “Searches Related To” feature.

This is another best way to get the LSI keywords. Type your primary keyword in the Search box and hit the search button. Scroll to the bottom and you will find this feature where related searches keywords are displayed.

Google Related Search LSI KeywordsFind LSI keywords that are Bolded in SERP

When you perform a search with the keyword you could notice some of the words in bold in the search result page. This is because Google thinks that these words are LSI and related to your primary search keyword.

Wherever you notice the bold keywords make a note of it and implement those keywords in your page so that it increases the relevancy of the page on the topic.

Most of the techniques can be used with Bing also. It has almost all the features which Google search engine provides.

Google Keyword Planner

Login to Google Adwords and Go to Google Keyword Planner. Search for the Keywords in AdWord tool and you will find tons of keyword ideas.

Choose the relevant and related keywords based on your topic.

Google Keyword Planner LSI Keyword Research

LSI Graph – Free LSI keyword Generator Tool

LSI graph is a very popular tool in finding Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. All you need to do is type in the primary keyword and solve the captcha and hit generate button.

You will be loaded with tons of LSI keywords. Check out Best Free LSI Keyword tool for more details on using LSI graph.

Best Free LSI keyword tool to rank higher in Google Search Engine

LSI Keyword Generator

SEMrush -Competitor Analysis tool

If you are having an SEMrush account then that would be one of the finest tools to find the LSI keywords that can actually benefit you.

Go to SEMrush website and enter the URL of your competitor and hit the search button. Next, select Organic Research > Positions from the left-side of the menu to go to the ranking keywords page.

The next step is to pick up the highly paid CPC keywords and use them in your blog post.

If you are using SEMrush free account then you could see only 10 keywords of any website. You could use sorting and filtering to find few more good keywords. But to use all the features you need to upgrade to professional account.

SEMrush Competitive Keyword Research

Keyword Shitter

As the name indicates it shits out loads of LSI keywords based on your query. It’s a very simple tool which has positive and negative keyword filters. You can select either positive or negative keywords or both together and download it into Text file.

You can also use this tool as a Long tail keyword tool if necessary.

UbberSuggest – LSI Keyword Generator tool

UberSuggest is one of the fantastic free tool available for long-tail keyword researching. UberSuggest also has an option to download all the keywords. The best part of UberSuggest is the suggestion they provide is in alphabetically sorted order and it allows you to search based on the country.

Find LSI keywords using UberSuggest


Soolve  is one of the best tools which instantly displays top 10 searches from the popular search engines. Soolve finds the results from Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Answers, Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo. Soolve displays an instant result as soon as you start typing the keyword in the search box.

Soovle Keyword Research Tool

latent semantic analysis

Find the list of all the top keywords searched and use them in your post to rank higher in various search results.

Mondovo – LSI Keyword Analysis tool

If you do not want to subscribe for SEMrush professional account then Mondovo is the alternative free tool that you could use to find LSI keywords.

Mondovo tool provides you the results from SEMrush and the best part is you can use it for free.

Signup in Mondovo and get free credits which you could use it for Keyword research. Once you signup, Navigate to SEO tab and click on Keyword research. Enter the primary keyword in the search box and select the radio button which says find related keywords. Click on the search button and your results will appear in a while.

SEOPressor – WordPress plugin to Find LSI keywords and Check Keyword Density

SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin tool which helps you to optimize your posts for search engines. SEOPressor provides you an option to choose the relevant LSI keywords for your content. SEOPressor uses BING API to fetch the LSI keywords.

It also has several good SEO features which can help you in optimizing your website for SEO and boosting the Search engine ranking.

LSI analysis SEOPressor

Squirrly – Keyword Density and LSI keyword finder

One another WordPress like SEOPressor is Squirrly plugin. It has almost all the features like SEOPressor to optimize your blog. It also comes with free trial version once the trial expires certain features will not work. Check out the detailed guide on How to optimize your blog with Squirrly.

Squirrly Keyword Research – Free Keyword tool is a pretty simple tool to use. Even though it’s a paid tool, the free version is more than enough for us to find the LSI keywords for your blog posts.

Enter the primary keyword which you want to target in the search box. Select the country and language from the dropdown. Hit search icon to list down all the related keywords for your search query.

Research LSI keywords using


Keys4Up is a proper LSI keyword tool like LSI graph. It is very easy to use and you can find LSI keywords for any niche or topics. It also comes up with an option where you can export and save all the keywords into a file.

keys4up LSI keyword research

How To Use LSI Keywords To Rank Your Content Higher in Search Engines?

Using the help of LSI keyword tool you have got a lot of keywords. Now how do you use them on your blog?

Placing your keywords at the right place is very important. Correct placements of keywords will boost the ranking and gives credibility to the post.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to use LSI keywords in your blog.

  • Find the related LSI keywords based on your topic. Researching for the right keywords is the most important factor here.
  • Place the LSI keywords in the content naturally. Just do not inject it everywhere the content should look natural and organic.
  • Use LSI keywords in Meta Description which gives boost in ranking
  • Use LSI keywords in Image Alt text or in Image Caption
  • Target multiple keywords if you have more than 1 image in the article.
  • Use LSI in Video Title if your article has video.


LSI has become one of the main criteria for search engines to find the relevant content and to display in the SERP.

Write the content to the users not to search engines. Make sure the content looks natural and do not over optimize anything. This might cause a negative effect also.

If you have used any of the LSI keywords tools then please do mention in the comments below.

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