Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow Quickly for any website

Get to know about how to increase trust flow and citation flow of your website. These 2 factors are very important in SEO. This article is mainly targeted to the SEO world where the bloggers are optimizing the SEO, building backlinks and increasing the trustworthy of their websites.

What is Trust Flow and Citation Flow?

If you are new to blogging or SEO world you would be wondering what the heck is trust flow and citation flow? Does it matter for my website? What is the main difference between trust flow and citation flow?

Definition of Trust Flow

Trust Flow is one of the Majestic Flow Metrics developed by MajesticSEO, which is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a given URL, or Domain.

In Simple words trust flow is a score which indicates how much trustworthy is your website or a web page. It is calculated by the quality of the backlinks pointing to your website.

Definition of Citation Flow

Citation Flow is one of the Majestic Flow Metrics developed by MajesticSEO, which is weighted by the number citations to a given URL, or Domain.

In simple words, Citation flow is something which indicates the influential of your website or a particular webpage. If there are more backlinks to your particular page or website then the citation flow increases.

Difference between Trust Flow and Citation Flow

As we now know the definition of both the metrics and how it is calculated the main difference between trust flow and citation flow is listed below.

  1. Citation flow indicates no of backlinks to your website.
  2. Trust flow indicates no of quality and trustworthy backlinks your website has got.
  3. Always Trust flow is lesser then Citation flow.
  4. An increase in trust flow will definitely increase your citation flow automatically.
  5. An increase in Citation flow may or may not increase the trust flow.
  6. Only  from quality backlinks and from quality websites trust flow can be increased.
  7. Citation Flow can be increased by high SPAM links, by posting links in SPAM websites also.
  8. Higher Trust flow helps you in boosting the search engine ranking.

 How do I verify trust flow and citation flow score of my website?

You can easily verify the TF and CF score using Majestic website(earlier know as Majestic SEO). Type in your domain name in the search bar to get the complete details of your website. Majestic is the largest link index database and it provides you the information like

  • Total no of External Backlinks to your website
  • Total Referring domains and IP address to your website
  • Total Referring Subnets to your website.
  • Trust flow and Citation flow score with the graph.
  • Backlink history using the Fresh index and Historical index.
  • A complete breakdown chart of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Also provides the type of backlink like Text Link, Image Link, Redirects, Frames etc.
  • How your Anchor text is linked. A complete drill down chart of the keywords which you have used as an anchor tag for link building.
  • Provides you the detailed information on when the backlink is crawled and indexed. Is it still live or is the link is deleted? When was the last seen date of the backlink etc?

What is Trust Ratio and How do I Calculate the trust ratio of my website?

Before getting into the details on how to increase Trust flow and Citation flow of your website, you should now what exactly is the trust ratio of a website and how is it calculated.

We know that citation flow can be easily increased by having backlinks but trust flow can only be increased by having quality backlinks to the website.

Hence having the higher citation score and lower trust score is very bad to a website and it indicates that lot of low-quality SPAM sites are linking to your website. In this case, even the search engine rankings will be down and you may not get expected traffic from organic search.

Formula for Trust Ratio

Trust Ratio=Trust Flow / Citation Flow 

Trust Ratio of a Good website

Example of Trust Flow by A Good Website

Image Courtesy: Majestic

Let’s analyze the above screenshot. is a largest online magazine website and has a huge online community which results in good trust flow of 68 and good citation flow of 54.

Trust Flow / Citation Flow = Trust Ratio aka 68 / 54 = 1.259

The trust ratio of 1.258 is splendid and it indicates that website has a good amount of backlinks by trustworthy websites.

Trust Ratio of a Poor website

Example of Trust Flow by A Good Website - Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Image Courtesy Majestic

Trust Flow / Citation Flow = Trust Ratio aka 7/ 35= 0.2

The trust ratio of 0.2 is very bad and it indicates that website has a lot of SPAM links. The website owner has used some kind of SPAM techniques or blackhat SEO to build backlinks and the site is not trustworthy.

What is the Good Trust Ratio Score for a website?

According to Majestic an Average and decent Trust, Ratio should be at least 0.50 and above. Anything which is near to 1 is a very good and we can consider that the website has good authority and trustworthy.

How to Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow Score of my Website?

Well now you know what exactly is trust flow and citation flow metrics, it’s difference and how is it calculated. Below are some of the golden tips which you can use to increase trust flow metrics of your website.

  1. Having dofollow links in good Domain Authority website increases the trust flow.
  2. Even nofollow links in Good authority website improves citation flow but doesn’t impact trust flow.
  3. Having backlinks in .gov and .edu will carry more trust score of your website.
  4. Internal Linking or inbound linking of your website also increases the trust flow and citation flow score.
  5. Sharing the content of social media websites will increase the trust flow and citation flow because social media sites have a higher domain authority score.
  6. Blog commenting on the quality website increases the citation flow of your website.
  7. Guest blogging in the authoritative  website will increase the trust flow score if you can get a backlink from the guest post.
  8. Participate actively in top notch forums which provides you dofollow links to your website. This will help you to increase both trust flow and citation flow. Check out Complete list of Dofollow forums for more details.

What is a good Trust flow and Citation flow Score?

A lot of analysis has been done on how much should be the trust flow score of a good website. Average trust flow score of a website should be atleast 30 which indicates the it is trustworthy and ranks hihger in search engines. Anything above 50 is an achievement and it indicates that the website is generating a very good traffic and it’s highly trustworthy.

Coming to the citation flow there is nothing called as a good score for this. You should always maintain the trust ratio close to 1.

What is the difference between Domain Authority and Trust Flow?

  • Domain authority is metrics provided by Moz and Trust Flow is metrics provided by Majestic.
  • Technically the way the score is calculated to make no difference between Domain Authority(DA) and Trust Flow(TF)
  • Both the metrics will score higher if you have backlinks from the authority or quality websites.


All these things are just the metrics which indicates whether your website is trustworthy or not and are provides information on how exactly are you performing on link building. You could get to know the details about your website where it has a lot of backlinks on SPAM sites or backlinks from authority websites.

If the Trust flow is high it also indicates that you are ranking high in search engines like Google and Bing. Since you have quality backlinks it also means that you have a higher domain authority.

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  1. It is really a different article, great and a really helpful article , i just visited majestic website. thanks for such information.

  2. Informative post about two different kinds of flow. But I want to ask you a question which is which one is important for a good website? Flow or SEO? Please let me know and thanks for sharing.

    • Srinivas says:

      I would say both are important and it’s interdependent on each other. Concentrate on both SEO and increasing the trust flow of your website to perform better in search engine rankings.

  3. Henry says:

    We have seen sites with high DA and low TF so there is something that make them both different.

    • Srinivas says:

      Moz and Majestic use a different mechanism of crawling and calculating metrics. Hence, you could see some difference in DA and TF. But the most common thing in both is having high-quality links from authority sites. This is one technique to easily increase Domain Authority and Trust flow Quickly.

  4. Tom says:

    Whats the reason that many backlinks do not appear in Majestic? Is there away to make “majestic” to see all the backlinks i know exist to my website ?

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