Increase Domain Authority Quickly on your Website

Domain Authority

Domain Authority(DA) is a website metrics used to measure the ranking and traffic of your website. Domain Authority is developed by a company called Moz. In SEO, World DA plays an important role for all the websites. Greater the value of DA, the more likely you have good traffic and ranking for your website.

As we know increasing the Domain Authority means we have better chances to rank higher in Google search engine.The domain authority metrics is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100. (0 being the least and 100 being the highest).

Domain Authority is not a consistent factor, it will vary every time based on a lot of factors which we will be discussing in details. The major factor which affects the DA is the backlinks especially the number of dofollow backlinks  to your website. So if you are consistently building the dofollow links in popular/authority websites then you do not have to worry about domain authority.

Key Facts of Domain Authority

Before building the DA let me share some of the key facts about DA and it will help you in increasing Domain Authority of your website quickly.

1. Domain Authority depends on a lot of factors. Even though link building increases the DA there are many other factors which Moz considers before rating the DA score to your website.

2. Increasing DA from 20 to 30 is very easier than increasing DA from 80-90. Do not get disappointed if you are not able to hit DA above 80 or 90. Only the sites like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia gets the ultimate score of 100.

3. Domain authority and Page authority are two independent things and should not be confused with rankings. DA provides the ranking of a complete website while PA provides the ranking of the individual web page.

4. The quality of the content matters again to get higher DA in the SEO world. Because if the quality of the article is good more chances that the content will get shared in social media and other channels and it indirectly reflects with DA ranking.

5. Social shares play an important role in increasing DA. A number of shares in social media increases your DA ranking.

How to increase Domain Authority quickly on your website?

Create Quality Content which you can link anywhere. Remember that content is always a king. In order to get good backlinks from authority sites and to perform marketing, the first thing you would require is a good content to showcase. Even if you ask your friend to share your article on Facebook or twitter the first thing he/she verifies is the quality of the article before sharing because the reputation matters a lot.
Write an article which has a minimum of 1000 words, the recommended length of content in each article is 2000 to rank higher in search engines. If you write more content then you can include more keywords in it and the probability of ranking higher for different keywords in search engine increases by 10 times.

If you write a top notch content with good infographics then people do share your content in social media and other channels. They might copy your infographics and present on their site by providing you a backlink mentioning the source. The best part is you could link the article in Wikipedia as a reference material.

Build Strong internal link structure

All the pages in your site should be connected to each other. Well, I would put this in another way all the SEO keywords which you are targeting should be interlinked with other articles. This way it will build a strong network of your website and helps search engines to crawl the entire site easily.

A website which doesn’t have any internal linking is kind of disconnected and doesn’t rank very well in search engines. Let’s assume there is a very good article on your website and it has a good page authority and page rank. If you don’t have any kind of internal links in that article then the juice will not be passed to another page. Only that article will rank higher and all the other article will rank lower.

If you have internal linking from that page to other pages not only the juice will be passed into it but also helps in various other things which are listed below.

  1. Improves Search engine ranking
  2. Page Authority of the linked page will be increased
  3. Page rank of the linked page will be increased
  4. Provide traffic to the other linked articles which help in increasing the page views and decreasing the bounce rate.
  5. Last but not least helps in increasing the Domain authority of your website

Promoting your content on social media websites.

Social media is currently in boom and every blogger now uses social media to promote their content. This is the best way to get traffic for your website. Since social media sites will have higher domain authority sharing your websites on social media sites will increase domain authority and page authority. Even the paid social media promotion will help you in increasing the DA. Follow the below steps to increase DA using Social media.

  1. Promote your website on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Linkedin, QUORA, Pinterest, Buffer, ScoopIt, Redditt, Tumblr etc.
  2. All the social media websites mentioned above has Domain Authority between 97-1o0 which is top notch.
  3. Make sure that you promote the content daily on the social media.
  4. Create a community or join a community and start sharing your content.
  5. Gain lot of followers to your social media page. Being active on social media and posting actively increases the followers.
  6. High profile followers are very important in social media. If they share your content then there is high chance that other followers of that person will start sharing it and in turn, it will increase the DA and PA.

Remove Toxic Backlinks or SPAM backlinks

When you have started blogging in order to increase the traffic and ranking you might have gone ahead and created some backlinks in some of the low-quality sites. Moz will treat this as SPAM and it will effect the DA of your website. There is a higher chance that even Google will start punishing your websites if there are too much of SPAM backlinks. The manual webspam team will review your website and they will take an action accordingly.

So in order to get the SPAM backlink details you can visit the webmaster and navigate to “Links to your site” section. This will provide you the complete backlinks details and if you find any suspicious site which you think it’s a spam then rectify it.

Backlinks to your site - Google Webmasters

The second option is to visit Moz Open Site Explorer and type in your website URL in order to check the DA and Spam details. It will provide you the complete details like DA, PA, Spam score, Page Link metrics, Inbound links, Spam Score etc as shown in the below image.Use the Moz tool to discover the SPAM site and clean up the SPAM links.

Increase Domain Authority Quickly

SEO plays an important role in increasing Domain Authority

According to Moz Domain Authority is difficult to influence directly. It is made up of an aggregate metrics like MozRank, MozTrust etc. So considering all the above things you need to work on the SEO also in order to increase the DA. Things which you need to follow in SEO to get higher domain authority is listed below.

  1. Use Inbound links(Internal Links) on your website.
  2. Maintain a clean and neat user-friendly site structure, so that it users will be able to find the content easily.
  3. Make sure the URL is SEO friendly. URL should be short, simple and should not contain any stop words like (a, to, the, of , but etc).
  4. Place targeted keywords in Image alt tags. This will help users finding the images and sharing it on Pinterest and other social media sites.
  5. Use LSI keywords in title, meta description, h1 tags to rank effectively in search engines.

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Write Guest posts in order to get Domain Authority

There was a time when you could have increased search engine rankings by writing guest posts and getting lot of dofollow links to your website. Google now recognizes SPAM links or paid guest posting program for link building purpose and this trick is almost dead.

But if you are genuinely finding good authority website and start writing the guest posts then you do have other benefits of guest blogging and you could also increase domain authority significantly if you do it properly. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to perform guest post and to increase Domain authority fast.

  1. Find out the blog related to your niche. Make sure it ranks higher and has good domain authority.
  2. Write a top notch content and link to your blog. Even a nofollow link will to your website increase the domain authority.
  3. You will get ton’s of traffic to your website from the Guest posting and there is good chance that user will share the content on social media websites.
  4. It also increases the Page authority of the linked content.
  5. The Alexa ranking of your website will be increased.

Blog Commenting to increase Domain Authority

By now you know that link building is one of the major factors in order to get good Domain authority score. Hence, you can use blog commenting mechanism to increase DA score. But do remember the commenting should be done on the website which should have good Domain Authority. Do not go and comment in SPAM sites this will have an adverse effect on your websites.

How to Verify Domain Authority of Website?

There are many ways to check your domain authority of a site, below are some of the best ways.

  • Install Official Moz toolbar and verify the domain authority
  • You can visit Open Site Explorer which is an official site of Moz and check for DA. User the search bar to type the URL and get the DA details.
  • There are third party websites like Small SEO tools  and Moonsy who provide the DA details

What is a Good Domain Authority Score for my website?

We now know how to improve  Domain Authority score by following the above guidelines. But what is  a good DA Score for your website? In short a Good DA score lies between in the scale of 50-60 and if you are an expert enough then you could get 70-85 easily. Only the top websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter has a DA score of 100. So you won’t have to feel bad if you can’t achieve 90 above. Maintain the Score between 50-60 often and it will be an achievement for sure.

How Often the Domain Authority Gets Updated?

According to Moz data, they do update their Domain Authority Score fortnightly.


If you have read the complete article you have found 2 common factors in order to increase DA. The first and foremost is creating an epic content and nothing can beat this. The second approach is to build a lot of backlinks and internal links. You will find many articles about increasing the DA but I can guarantee that apart from these 2 techniques there is no other quick way to tweak the Domain Authority score.

What are the strategies which you have used in order to increase Domain Authority? Do comment in the below comment section.


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