Improve your Search Engine Ranking to Rank Higher on Google in 2016

Everyone wants to rank at the top in the google or at least in the first page of the google search engine. It is really not tough to rank higher in google. The best way to improve your search engine ranking to rank higher on google is to write quality content and follow the basic principles of SEO.

Different ways to Improve your Search Engine Ranking

In this blog, I would discuss basically top 3 methods every blogger should perform to rank higher in the search engine.

Focus on Long tail keywords

This is an era of Long tail keywords, earlier google use to consider Meta keywords to detect the relevant contents and improve your search engine ranking to rank higher in google search engine. Optimizing your website for search engines is a technique which every blogger should follow for better SEO ranking.

Long tail keywords are the combination of three or four keyword phrases which are very specific to the topic or the product which you are selling. Whenever people use google search they always tend to search specific to the topic or information.

Benefits of using Long tail keywords

  • Long tail keywords produce high volume impression on google or any other search engine.
  • Long-tail keywords have mostly less competition compared to any other generic keywords (lower cost per click (CPC), higher click-through rate (CTR))
  • Long tail keywords have higher conversion rates compared to normal keywords as the user is looking for specific information. There is a higher chance that user could purchase the item/ subscribe to your blog.

Focus on Basic SEO

There are various small things which people tend to ignore while writing an article or blog. To improve your search engine ranking and to rank higher in the search engine, you need to take care of the basic stuff like page title, meta description, h1 tags etc.

  • Page Title – Page Title is the most important part of SEO, this element plays a critical role in user experience and searches engine optimization. Google usually displays titles between 55- 60 characters length. Often try to keep the page title length below 60 characters else it will be truncated in the search engine. Give an eye-catching page title with the combination of right keywords which will make the user visit your site.
  • Meta Description -Meta descriptions are the HTML Tags which explains about the particular page/article/product. The length of the meta description should be optimally 150-160 characters. While the perceived (and real) importance of metadata has depreciated, the attribute still plays a significant role in SEO rankings.
  • SEO Friendly URL’s – Always use SEO friendly URL’s instead of ID’s or numbers. This way it is human readable and increase the relevance of the page content.
  • H1 Tags – The H1 tag also plays the crucial role in ranking the page higher because h1 tag is the highest level tag that shows what your specific page is about. Make sure the keywords which you are focusing do exists in Page title, meta description, and H1 tag. Search engines generally give this tag more weight over other headings, so it usually improves your search engine ranking when you use it correctly and in conjunction with other onsite SEO techniques.
  • H2, H3, H4 Tags – Well these tags are not as important as H1 tag or page title but even these small things play a role in ranking you page higher. Utilize the synonyms or the relevant long tail keywords as h2 or h3 tags.
  • Alt Text – Image alt text is very important. Do not neglect it and always give a valid alt text for the image. In turn, if you provide the alt text with H1 content it will help in ranking higher in Search engines.
  • Links and Link Building – Utilize the title attribute and the link text properly. For Eg: Do not just say click here for more information, Do say Checkout Complete List of Dofollow Forums for generating backlinks. This would be the best approach for the link building. Build a lot of backlinks and internal links to your site which will help other articles to rank higher in search engines.
  • Submit RSS Feed – Adding RSS feeds can help a site ranking, but in a less direct way than the unique content available on your pages. Obviously, if you are directing multiple feeds to your page, it is not practical or useful to take all the links and rewrite the content on your own pages. Also, checkout List of 50+ RSS feed Submission sites to submit your blog to RSS feed.

Finally Focus on Link Building and Site Optimization

Optimizing your site with good UI design so that the users will be able to read the content easily. Optimize the performance of the site which helps in loading the page faster. Last but not least do build the backlinks in a genuine way by posting a guest article and helping the people in the relevant forums. Check out List of Dofollow Forums to get High Quality Backlinks and Traffic for more details

  • Use caching in the website to cache resource files like CSS, JS, and Other static items.
  • Minify and Bundle CSS and JS for better optimization and to load faster.
  • Place the javascript files at the bottom of the page.
  • Share the articles in social media like facebook, twitter, and google plus.
  • Build the backlinks to your site which helps google to rank your site higher in a search engine.

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