How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system because of the features it provides and the user friendliness. One of such good feature is scheduling a post in WordPress without using any plugin. In this article, we will look into How to Schedule your Posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

There are many situations where scheduling posts in WordPress might benefit your blog. Some of it are listed below.

  • Many of the authors would like to Post articles at specific time schedule so that they will be able to engage with the users.
  • Scheduling the Posts at a certain time will bring a lot of traffic to your website.
  • You might be on a vacation but you want the blog to be running.
  • If you have drafted many articles and want to auto publish one article in a day.

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How to Schedule your Posts in WordPress?

Scheduling a post is very simple in WordPress. Once you finish writing your article before hitting the publish button you can see an option which says “Publish Immediately” and an edit button next to it as shown below.

How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

Click on edit and set your desired date and time as shown below and click the Ok button.

Schedule WordPress Posts

Once you have set the date and time click on schedule button to schedule the Post.

WordPress Post Scheduled
Once you have scheduled WordPress will publish your post to Live on the scheduled date and time. Make sure you have optimized your article with SEO and other things before scheduling.

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