How to Remove Password from PDF Document using Google Chrome?

Most of the banks, phone bills, credit card statement documents will be password protected in the email because it consists of sensitive and personal information.But the problem is the maintainability of these documents, each document will have separate passwords it’s difficult to store each file names and their passwords. So how do we Remove Password from PDF Document using Google Chrome and save to Google Drive?

We can archive these documents in the google drive by removing the password so that apart from you no other people will have access to the documents.

How do we remove password from PDF Document using Google Chrome?

Now we all know that Google drive has a built in 2 layers of security. It asks for Password and 2-form authentication like Gmail, hence, we can trust Google Drive security and store all the sensitive documents by removing the password protection of the document.

There are multiple ways to remove password from PDF files.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Read Pro edition then you can click on security and remove the password.The password from PDF document can also be removed using Google Chrome browser.You can remove the password using the external software or online tools.

Google chrome has a built in PDF reader and PDF writer which can be used to remove any PDF file passwords. Let’s see in details how we can achieve this.

1. Drag and Drop any PDF files into chrome browser or open the file using the File menu.
2. Google Chrome will prompt you to enter the password if the PDF file is password protected.
3. Enter the correct password and open the file in chrome browser.
4. Click on the print in the file menu option or (Press Ctrl + P) to open the print dialog box. Choose the destination printer as “Save as PDF” and click on save to save the PDF files on local system.

Google Chrome will now save the PDF to your desktop but without the password protection. If you re-open this PDF in Chrome or any PDF reader, it would no longer require a password to open.

How to Remove Password from PDF document using Google Chrome

If you have google drive enabled in the machine then instead of saving in the desktop you can save it directly on the Google Drive. Change the destination printer to “Save to Google Drive” in the print dialog.Once you choose this option then the PDF file password will be removed and will be saved in the Google Drive and it will not prompt you again for the password.
How to Remove Password from PDF document and Save to Google Drive

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