How to Open Firefox in Private Mode by Default

Most of the modern browsers will save a lot of information like URL visited, Form data, cookies, passwords, username, search  history and other browsing history data. This information can be easily retrieved if anyone has an access to your computer. So let us take a look on how to open Firefox in private mode by default always?

Private Browsing

Private browsing allows you to browse the internet without leaving any traces of your history. Opening private browsing window means the person value his privacy more always. Also, it is good to use private browsing for any privacy related matters like Personal Mails, Bank Transactions etc because as soon as you close the browser it discards all your session history and does not leave any trace of it.

How to Open Firefox in Private Mode by Default

There are 2 possible methods that can be used to enable private browsing in firefox  by default.

Method 1:

about:config – Open firefox browser and type about:config in the address bar, you should see the complete config details of firefox. Enter browser.privatebrowsing.autostart  in the search bar and double click on it to toggle the key to true. You need to close the browser and re-open browser once again for the updated settings to kick in. Refer the screenshot for details.

How to Open Firefox in Private Mode by Default using about:config

Method 2:

Click on the Menu button > Options and then navigate to the Privacy tab. Click on the drop-down menu next to Firefox will: and then select use custom settings for history:

always start firefox in private mode

Tick the Always use private browsing mode checkbox and click on Yes when prompted to restart Firefox:

Always use Private Browsing Mode

When you restart your firefox by default it will be in private browsing mode. Cookies and session data also will be deleted once you close the browser.

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