How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress

If you are using WordPress then you should have come across 500 internal server error many times. Many times it will be difficult to troubleshoot the issue in WordPress and Internal server Error is the most common error which appears on WordPress and it can create a panic for the beginners. There can be many reasons behind this 500 error in WordPress and here are the things you should try out to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPressHow to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress

WordPress errors are too generic and you won’t get any error details in the front end to fix the issue. Most of the time internal server error occurs due to plugin or theme not functioning properly, Database connectivity issues, corrupted .htaccess file, and PHP memory limit. Let’s look into the details of these issues.

Checking for Corrupt .htaccess File

The first thing to troubleshoot is to verify if .htaccess file is corrupted or not. Just follow the steps mentioned below to fix  the .htaccess file.

  1. Login to your FTP account and locate the .htaccess file. You will find the .htaccess file in the root folder where you have installed WordPress.
  2. Create a backup of your existing .htaccess file by renaming into .htaccess.bak
  3. Once you have renamed the file, try reloading your website and see if the issue is fixed.
  4. If still the issue persists then Go to Settings » Permalinks and click on Save Settings. This will create a new .htaccess file with proper rewrite rules to ensure all the post pages do no return 404 error.

Even after this if you are still facing Internal Server Error you need to proceed to next step.

Increasing the PHP Memory Limit

Many times the internal server error might be due to exhaust in the PHP memory limit.  If you are getting internal server error during the login or wp-admin screen then probably you should try increasing the PHP Memory Limit by following the simple steps listed below.

  1. Create a blank file with the name php.ini. 
  2. Add the code memory=64MB and save the file
  3. Upload this file to root directory where you have installed the WordPress
  4. If you already have a php.ini file in the root path then modify the line memory_limit=64M. Contact your hosting support to get to know the memory size and increase it to a maximum value.

Deactivate all Plugins

If you think that after installing some plugin you are getting this error then probably it’s an issue with the plugin. Sometimes it will be the conflicts with multiple plugins which results in this issue. There is no easy way to detect this issue. The best way is to deactivate all the plugins which you have installed.

If you have locked out from Admin panel read the article to Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin

  1. De-activate all the WordPress plugins.
  2. See if the internal server error is fixed  after the deactivation of plugins.
  3. If it is fixed then enable plugins one by one and reload the web site after you re-activate each plugin. If you face the internal server issue when you activate certain plugins then that is the root cause of the issue.
  4. Disable and delete the plugin permanently and try to install the alternate plugin or contact the author of the plugin to fix the issue.

Re-uploading Core Files

If deactivating all the plugins didn’t work out for you then probably you could try one last option. Re-upload the core WordPress files from a fresh WordPress installation.

  1. Replace  wp-admin files and folder from the fresh WordPress Installation
  2. Replace wp-includes files and folder from the fresh WordPress Installation.

By replacing the above 2 folders you will not lose any data, but it might solve the issue if any of the core files are corrupted.

Contact Hosting Provider

If none of the above fixes worked for you then as a last option you need to contact the hosting provider and tell the details.  By looking at the log details they will be able to resolve the issue.

The above things listed are the most common cause for the internal server error. Have faced the internal server error in WordPress? How did you fix it? Did any of the above solution fix the issue for you? Please do mention the issue and the fix you performed to resolve the issue.

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