How to Find the High Paying Niches, Topics, Keywords

Every time we write new articles we need to do basic research if the topic and keywords we use belong to High Paying Niches. Because that is what is going to generate income for us from CPM networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc. So how to find the high paying niches, topics, keywords  and search terms that perform well in the ad networks?

Let me share you the simple old school method which still works very well. You don’t have to buy or subscribe any service or spend money in researching or pay money for the SEO agency.

It is highly recommended to try out this technique when you write next article and see the results if you are using Google Adsense. There is no point in getting more traffic if your blog is not earning as expected.

How to find High Paying Niches, Topics, Keywords?

The best way is to find High paying keywords is by Google Search. This is the old school and the most productive and effective way to find high paying CPC  keywords for your blog. It does not show you the complete details like estimated CPC, average no of visitors like Google Adwords keyword planner but you would get a fair idea if the keyword you searched has a potential to make money with more advertisers.

How does this work?

As said earlier, Just visit and search for you targeted keywords and see the search results. The Google results display more if the keyword you targeted has a potential to earn more money or not.

Let us take a real time example. Make sure that you are not using any kind of adblocker on your browser.Let us say I’m writing about “free ringtones for mobile“. Simply search the keyword in the Google and see the results that appear. Here it what it displays for me.

no ads on less cpc keywords

Looking by the screenshot there are no ads displayed for me in the search results. This means there are no advertisers for this topic and there is no money involved. The first page of the google is always important and it clearly indicates that this niche/topic may not be profitable. So even if you write about this topic and get thousand of visitors on your page the AdSense quality will be very less and cheap. The CPC for this topic will be very less and your blog will not earn much money even, after all, the hard work.

How to Find Profitable Niche and Keywords on Google Search

Let us take a look at another example where you could get good quality ads and find higher CPC keywords. For Eg let us say I’m writing about “WordPress Hosting” and it is our keyword for research. Here is what google search results look like.

High Paying Niches, Topics, Keywords and CPC

Just by comparing the two screenshots you should have a rough idea of how this works. These particular keywords show more ads on the search results page. Google search displays ad on top of the results and bottom of the results and it has a maximum no of ads on the page.

How to Find Profitable Niche and Keywords on Google Search

The ads are displayed on the second page of google search results and below is the screenshot of the search results. There are many ads placed on top and bottom of the page. I was able to find ads on google search results even on page 25. More ads in the search results mean more advertisers are bidding on the particular keyword or topic, If there are more advertisers bidding then definitely the CPC will be higher.

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Other things to consider on Profitable Keywords and Niche

    • We have discovered the keywords will have higher CPC but to find out the how much is the estimated CPC of particular keyword use the tools like Google Adwords Keyword Research or long tail pro SEO Keyword tool which will provide you the complete insights of it
    • We know that the potential higher CPC keywords will pay high, but what about the competition. I am sure there will be considerably high competition to target  these keywords in google’s first result page. You could use SEO quake and Google AdWords Keyword Analysis Tool to find out the lower competition.


    The above research is just an example of finding the high CPC keywords. The idea basically gives you the insight whether you need to spend more on researching this or not.The keyword “free ringtone for mobile” is not worth to write and the keyword “WordPress hosting” is the best topic to write about and we can dig deeper and do some research and write a good article about it.

    You should dig deeper find out other factors like Competition, finding long tail keywords, No of Searches in google, Average CPC, How the keyword is trending before writing the post.

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2 Responses

  1. Srinivas,
    Another great way to gauge how profitable a keyword is would be to just download the list of keywords and history of their PPC campaigns. If an advertiser is in the Top 3 PPC results on Adwords and they stay there for more than a week or two, it almost always means they are at least breaking even, because either the advertiser or Google will bump them out of the top 3 spots otherwise.

  2. Julia King says:

    This is a great technique and fast too. I’ll be doing this in the future.

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