How to find Long Tail Keywords for any Niche

Keywords plays a specific role in Search engine Optimization (SEO). Most of the times we always use keywords to find any content on the web. There are various tools built to find long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Before that let us first understand how exactly these keywords work.

There are basically two types of keyword phrases used in search engines to find the content.

1. Short tail keyword phrase
2. Long tail keyword phrases.

Long tail keywords vs Short tail keywords

Let’s look at the below example on Short tail vs Long tail keywords.
Short tail keywords:

  • Car
  • Audi Car

Now in the above example of Short tail keyword if somebody just types the keyword “Car” or “Audi Car”  it’s a very broad search and the probability of displaying your website on Google first page is very less.

If you search keyword “car” most of the time Wikipedia websites or top Car companies will come up with the results.
If you search for a keyword “Audi Car” then also the first page in google is filled by Audi Makers websites itself. So anything you write by mentioning only for the keyword “Audi Car” you blog or website will not be shown in first 10 pages unless your blog niche is about Audi Cars and you have written lot of articles on that and the website age is very old.

Let’s look at some of the examples on Long tail keywords now.
Long Tail Keywords:

  • Audi Car On Road Price in Bangalore
  • Audi Car Q5 On Road Price in Bangalore
  • Audi car dealers in Bangalore

Check out the example of long tail keywords, as we see these keywords are precise, focused and narrowed down to a specific topic. In the above example, the search result is narrowed down to Audi Q5 on road cost in Bangalore instead of displaying information about Audi car itself.

The search term used here has more details and precise to what the user actually needs. Hence, the search engines will filter out the results for you and it increases the chances of ranking higher in search engines. Long tail keywords might not have higher searches like short tail keywords but it increases the conversion rate.

Benefits of using long tail keywords

  • Long-tail keywords provide high impression in the search engine.
  • Long-tail keywords have very less competition compared to generic short tail keywords.
  • The conversion rate is always higher in long-tail keywords as the user is searching for a specific topic or product. So usually, they do end up in buying the products.
  • Lower CPC(Cost per Click) but higher CTR(Click Through Rates)
  • Long-tail keywords provide better search engine rankings compare to generic keywords.

How to find Long Tail Keywords phrases for any Niche?

Google Auto Complete Search Box

Google Search is the best auto-suggestion feature for finding Long tail keywords for free. This is the handiest feature from google, which helps you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche.

Google search auto populates the most search keywords as you type in the search box. However google search does not provide you the information like Total no of searches, CPC, Competition, Keywords trends etc. We might have to use some other tool to get this information.

find long tail keywords using google keyword tool

Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool

This tool is developed by Keyword Tool Dominator which will help you in finding all the popular search results on the particular keyword. This free tool finds all the long tail keywords and allows you to download keywords in CSV format.
keyword researcher a long tail keywords generator tool

UberSuggest Keyword Tool

UberSuggest is one of the fantastic free tool available for long-tail keyword researching. UberSuggest also has an option to download all the keywords. The best part of UberSuggest is the suggestion they provide is in alphabetically sorted order and it allows you to search based on the country.

UberSuggest Long-tail keyword research tool

Google Adwords Keywords Tool

Google Adwords can also be used to find long tail keywords for your topic, however, it provides all the other information which you require like Competition, CPC, Avg Monthly Searches etc. Google Adwords is a free tool for PPC campaigns. Based on the CPC and Bids you could know the traffic and the money involved for the Keywords.



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