How to Change your WordPress Username

WordPress will ask for an Username during the installation. Most of them would provide something like admin or their name and continue with the installation process. It will become very difficult at the later stage if you want to change the username. WordPress allows you to change FirstName, LastName and other profile details on the edit profile page. So How to Change your WordPress Username?

How to Change your WordPress Username?

There are multiple approaches to change the username in WordPress. Check out the best option which is easy for you to change the username in WordPress.

Delete the existing user and assign all the posts to new users.

The best and easiest way to change the username in WordPress is to create a new user with your desired username and assign the Administrator role to the new user. You will not be able to use the same email address which you have created for the other account. Don’t worry you will be able to change it later.

Logout and Login with the new user account which you created and Go to the Users section and click on the Delete link under your old username as shown in the below image.

Delete the existing user and assign all the posts to new usersWhile deletion, WordPress will prompt you what you want to do with the posts that have been created with the older account. To retain all the posts and assign it to the new user just click on the radio button which says “Attribute all content to:” and select the new user which you have created.

WordPress Change Username

Click on confirm deletion button to delete the User account. That’ll you have successfully changed your username in WordPress. If you would like to change email address then click on the user profile and change it to your desired email address.

Change Username in WordPress using Username Changer Plugin

If you find the first approach is complicated then another easiest way is to install a plugin called Username Changer. If you are a person who does not like to install a plugin for every small thing then you don’t have to worry. After changing the WordPress username you could delete the plugin safely and it will not affect anything.

Install the Username Changer and activate it. Upon activation of the plugin navigate to Users » Username Changer page.

You will get a dropdown with all the username listed. Select the user for which you would like to change the username in the dropdown and then enter the new username in the textbox. Click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.

Once you do this change it is safe to delete the plugin. The username will not be reverted.

Change Your WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

This method is little more complicated and you should use it only if you are familiar with WordPress and MySql Database.

Login to your CPanel and find PHPMyAdmin in the Database section. Click to open PHPMyAdmin terminal. Select the right database of your blog and expand the tables.

By default, WordPress prefixes the table names with wp_ at the beginning you will have the option to change the prefix to something else during the installation process.

Find the table with the name wp_users
and click edit on the username which you want to edit. Replace the username with your desired new username.

Change Username in WordPress - WP Users Table in MySqlClick on the Go button and you are done changing the username.

Change User Login using PHPMyAdmin

You should be able to login with the new username.

Note: Be careful when you are modifying the Database values.If you accidentally change some settings then it might bring down you website entirely.

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