How to Build backlinks to your site from Wikipedia

Knowing Wikipedia

Wikipedia ranks number 7 in Alexa and its the number 1 website according to SEMrush. So getting a link from Wikipedia is one of the strongest backlinks you could get.Wikipedia is a huge content driven site and it has more than 51 million SEO keywords and more than 17 million articles. There are many articles which still needs citation where there is an opportunity for you to build backlinks to your site from Wikipedia.

Get Free Backlinks from Wikipedia

Facts and figures about Wikipedia website.

  1. Wikipedia is like a free encyclopedia which consists tons of information.
  2. There are more than 17 million articles in Wikipedia
  3. Wikipedia alone has more than 51 million SEO keywords
  4. Wikipedia is 14 + year old site
  5. Any popular SEO keywords appear at top 10 in any search engine.
  6. Wikipedia gets close to 1.4 billion visits every day.
  7. The Traffic Cost of Wikipedia search is close to 1.5 billion
  8. Wikipedia has totally 312 million backlinks because of which it ranks in top 10.
  9. Wikipedia gets average of million social shares every day on FB, Twitter etc.
  10. Wikipedia has a domain authority of 100 in SEOMoz(DA) and Page Authority of 92 in SEOmoz(PA) and Google page rank of 9.

By looking at the above information on Wikipedia by now we can judge that any search engine will definitely give more value if you have a link in Wikipedia page.

Even though you do not get dofollow link from Wikipedia it will have a high weightage factor. Not only it carries a weightage but it also drives more direct traffic to your website.

How to Build backlinks to your site from Wikipedia

The best way to building links in Wikipedia is using WikiGrabber.  It is very easy to use this tool, let me demonstrate the complete process.

All you need to do is to enter the relevant search query in the WikiGrabber search box and hit on the search button, WikiGrabber will return you the results from Wikipedia where you could perform a link building strategy.

Build backlinks to your site from Wikipedia Using WikiGrabber

How to use WikiGrabber for building backlinks

Let’s say I need to perform link building strategy in Wikipedia for the SEO keyword “Backlink“, WikiGrabber will return the results of wiki pages where it needs citation and broken links or dead links. You could sort the results accordingly using the buttons.

In the above results all the pages shown in the result set requires Citation, so you can easily pick few pages according to you niche and start link building.

Things to consider before adding links to Wikipedia pages

  1. Building high-quality free backlinks, when you are inserting a link in wiki page make sure that the quality of the article is very high and informative.
  2. Register and Join Wikipedia as an editor and help wiki by performing some editings.
  3. Do not just edit contents for the sake of editing. Make sure there is a genuine reason for editing the article else you will be removed as an editor.
  4. Find and edit articles which have scope to add more contents and references.
  5. Build a trust level for some time and then try adding links on the pages that have content which is relevant to your product or blog.
  6. Other wiki editors will be watching you and if they suspect you on any wrong doing, they might remove you.
  7. Do not spam links in the wiki, it will come back and hurt you if google finds it suspicious. Be organic and build the links in the smarter way.

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