How to A/B Split Test Featured Images in WordPress

Featured Images plays an important role in blog posts. These images will be displayed on the front page where the list of articles appears and also often displayed on the social media sites when someone shares your article. Let’s check out How to A/B Split Test Featured Images in WordPress in this article.

Featured Images helps you to get more clicks and more users. If the image is attractive and compelling then it keeps more users engaging in the social media sites. Check out How to do A/B Split test on WordPress post titles if you want to perform A/B test on titles.

How to A/B Split Test Featured Images in WordPress

To perform A/B split test on Featured images in WordPress you need to install and activate plugin Featured Image Optimizer.

Once you activate the plugin Click on Add new post to see the plugin in action. Scroll down to the end of the post and you will see the Featured image section for the posts and pages.

How to A/B Split Test Featured Images in WordPress

As shown in the above image you will find multiple featured images. Click on the Featured Image A and B links and upload both the images and tick the checkbox which says “Activate Featured Image plugin for this Post” to enable A/B split test option.

Publish the post to live and the plugin does the job for you. It will start showing random featured images to different users.

You can see how each image has performed by visiting Settings » A/B Image Settings page. You should see the data as shown in the below image.

Performance page for featured images

The settings page will show you complete details of all the posts. You could also see the results of individual posts by editing the post and scrolling down to the featured image.

Featured image performance box on post edit screen

After running the tests for few days you could see the results on which Image has better performed and stop the A/B split test by unchecking the “Activate Featured Image plugin for this Post” and setting the main featured image which has performed better.

The plugin will work on post, pages and WooCommerce products. So go ahead and start testing the featured images. If you Like this post subscribe to our Facebook and share the article on social media.

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