Google Toolbar PageRank Data Officially closed

On  April 15th, 2016 Google has officially shut down their Google Toolbar PageRank Data to public. Google had told about this earlier that they would be removing the PageRank score from the google toolbar months before in advance. The time has now come to close the data service to public access.

Many people are still wondering what has happened to their PageRank data as all of a sudden it got disappeared. Well, the PageRank still exists at the backend and Google still uses the page rank to determine the search engine ranking, but the toolbar version of PageRank has been gone forever.

Google Toolbar PageRank Data Officially closed

Reason why Google had to shut down the Google Toolbar PageRank Service to public

In the year 2000, Google had released officially the first version of the Google Toolbar Page Rank service on Internet Explorer. The idea was to help people to know how well their website is performing and what is the page rank of their domain. It also revealed how PageRank is calculated and how it is gonna impact the search engine ranking. By knowing these secret people started to use some blackhat SEO methods to increase the PR of their website by using some dirty tricks as listed below

  • Paid Links – People who had high PR started offering a Paid Link service on their websites. Google recognized this soon and started punishing the websites who were using this service.
  • Paid Guest Blogging – Like paid link service people also started Paid Guest blogging service to increase the PR.
  • SPAM Emails – There were many SPAM emails which people use to get offering to buy Paid Links in one of the high PR websites.
  • SPAM Links – Just to increase the PR people started spamming their website links in .edu, .gov sites, forums and wherever possible.
  • Blog Commenting – Earlier days blog comments had a good reputation and now people use it to increase the backlinks and PR of their website.

Finally, now Google Toolbar PageRank Data Officially closed and it is gone forever we can all now peacefully enjoy surfing the web. People will stop dropping the comments in every blog, forums, there won’t be annoying emails every day which says to buy Paid Links in high PR website because no one can now determine which one is High PR site.

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