Google AMP Not a Search Engine Ranking Factor Yet

Google has launched an AMP feature in their Search engine in the month of Feb 2016. Everyone prediction and thinking was that AMP might become one of the factors for search engine ranking. Even google gave a hint on this back in December.

John Mueller from Google has confirmed on Google+ that Google AMP Not a Search Engine Ranking Factor Yet.

If you tune into the video at exactly 15:50 mark you will get the complete details of John’s opinion on AMP feature.

Will AMP be one of the factors of Google Ranking in Future?

John Mueller said: – “Is AMP a ranking signal? At the moment, it is not a ranking signal.

However, he never confirmed that whether Google will add this as a ranking factor in the future updates. Google AMP is still in a testing phase right now and the benefit will be for mobile users as the content will load very fast without any ads.

Google is displaying the AMP sites in the carousel format and it is affecting some of the websites who has not implemented AMP. Few new related website ranking in SERP has gone down and AMP sites have come at the top. Majorly media and news related site will have a major impact as of now.

Google might add AMP into their ranking factor but it will not affect much because what matters is a good content. The main motto of Google search engine is to provide a user with a better content and I am sure they will carry that in the future. AMP will be a very small ranking factor and right now bloggers do not have to worry much about these updates.

Below is the Google Webmaster Hangout Video for more details.

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