Google adds related topics in featured snippets

It’s now time to see new format of rich snippets in Google search results. Google adds related topics in featured snippets. Currently, Google is testing the Extended feature of Google snippets which includes related topics. The extended feature snippets appear only for certain keywords as of now and it might be released very soon for all the top notch keywords and articles.

Here are the screenshots of Extended featured snippets for the keywords birth control and other for personal loan. Both the queries comes up with an extended feature snippet and related topics.

Google adds related topics to featured snippets
Google adds related topics to featured snippets
Extended Google Featured Snippets
Extended Google Featured Snippets

If you look carefully at the extended featured snippet, Google has added the “related topics” with links to other pages.

Feature snippets will only be displayed in google search results when Google feels it is confident that they can answer your query correctly by extracting results from different websites and be showing it up in the snippet box.

Keeping that in mind if we look at the search result page the larger area is now covered by the featured snippet with related topics and all the other search results are pushed to the bottom.

Most of the people won’t even visit the second page of Google search results as they get answers from the first page and first 2-3 results. With featured snippet concept being implemented now people will get all the answers in the first result itself and they don’t even have to look at the other results.

Google has not made any statement officially on the extended feature snippet yet. But we may find some answers in a couple of weeks in Google Webmasters hangout.

If you come across any extended snippets for search queries do mention the keyword list in the below comment section.

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