GoDaddy Hosting Issues – Reasons you should Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

Many people make mistakes by hosting their websites in Godaddy. Well, I am one of those people who believed Godaddy was cheaper and reliable hosting provider and ended up buying one of their hosting services. The hosting is gonna expire very soon and I am switching to different hosting network.

Promotions Done by Godaddy which attracts many users :-

  • Domain at $ 1 only
  • GoDaddy Hosting – Rs.99 Hosting With Free Domain Name‎
  • 35% Off Hosting Promotion‎
  • Website Builder at 99rs per month
  • Get a free domain when you purchase hosting with us.

Godaddy Hosting Promotions - Issues with Godaddy Hosting

By looking at those banners and promotional messages anyone could get attracted and invest into it. What people do not realize is the catch and issues behind those promotions.

Nothing comes for cheaper or free in this world. So anybody selling you anything for cheaper or free will have some kind of hidden motive behind it.

Why are Godaddy’s Hosting Packages and Domain names so Cheaper?

Well, everyone will have this question how come GoDaddy sells the domain names and hosting packages dirt cheap where it is very costly with other vendors.

Most of the services which Godaddy provides are cheaper only for the first year, once the person buys a domain and let’s say if they start building the website they do realize the speed of the site. When it comes to the renewal part for the second year you would see the prices have gone sky rocketing.

A person might have bought a domain at $1 or 100rs when the renewal time comes the same domain would cost him 1000+ or $ 10. There are not many discounts provided by Godaddy for existing customers. All you might get is maximum of 20 % discount coupons.

Let’s say by accidently you forgot to renew one of your domain, that’s it the price of the domain will be very high, many times I see it will be selling at premium prices. It will automatically go to backorder and the rates are very high.

Why People still stick on to Godaddy Hosting?

Many people who have chosen to host with Godaddy are not from the technical background completely. Most of them would use WordPress to run their websites. If they want to switch to some other hosting they do have to know the little technical background to successfully migrate to another hosting.

Most of them are small-scale business industry people who just wants their business to be online. They do have a typical 5-page static website which are (Home, About Us, Services, Gallery, Contact Us). They are least bothered about the website speed, SEO, no of visitors etc.

Main Issues with Godaddy Hosting Service and Reasons you should Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

  • Windows Hosting is so horrible and it take 10- 15 seconds to load a default WordPress site.( No Plugins, Just hello world post from Godaddy)
  • If you are in India and call Godaddy customer care Toll Free (1800-121-0111) and choose for technical support in the IVR, they would redirect you to sales and support team.
  • The sales and support team doesn’t have any knowledge about technical issues and they are least bothered about your queries.
  • Godaddy Shared Hosting Service is super slow.
  • If you state that your site loading is taking time, the first thing they say is to disable all the theme and plugins.
  • If you ask them to transfer the call to a technical team they do say we do no have authority to do that.
  • The waiting time is 15-20 minutes to answer the call.
  • The Linux panel is not secured and many times websites get hacked. Here is the recent hack done on with one of the website Postweets

GoDaddy Backed SOPA & PIPA

GoDaddy has supported SOPA initially and tt was only after 50,000 GoDaddy users left in protest that they changed course.

Some of the Posts which users are complaining about Godaddy over the internet is worth to mention.


Just do not fall for the very low prices which they do offer in the promotions. All those promotions are for the first year and you are gonna realize how costly it is from second year onwards.

If you are serious about the business and website and if you consider SEO then definitely I would not suggest GoDaddy Hosting.

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