GM Diet weight loss in 7 Days

What is GM Diet Weight Loss in 7  days Program?

GM diet also popularly as General Motors Diet weight loss program developed by General Motors company for their employees to maintain their fitness and shape. The program was developed in conjunction with the grant from the US department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. GM Diet weight loss in 7 Days program helps you to reduce weight naturally without any side effects.

It was first tried at the Johns Hopkins Research Center and was approved for distribution by the Board of Directors of General Motors Corporation at a general meeting on August 15, 1995.

How much weight can I loose through General Motors 7 days diet weight loss program?

GM Diet weight loss in 7 Days was developed for losing weight around 5-6 kilos. It also helps people to improve their attitude and emotions because of systematic cleansing effect on their body. It also flushes all the unwanted toxins, impurities from the body and makes a person more active and improves the fitness.

GM Diet weight loss in 7 Days

GM Diet

Does GM Diet plan really work?

As a personal experience, I can tell you that it works like a charm and helps in reducing the weight anywhere around 4 kilos. Some of the steps need to be followed properly for GM diet to work. Here are few:

  1. Follow all the 7 days program very strictly. Do not skip any day as each day has its own importance.
  2. Avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and all the other junk food during this program.
  3. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. More you drink the water more you loose the weight.
  4. For better results do a workout for at least 20 minutes every day. Do not overdo or stress out yourself. If exercise is not possible then do a walking every day least 2-3kms. However, this is not a mandatory task.
  5. Eat well whatever is recommended for the day. The key thing to remember is that if you are hungry then you are not doing it right. You can eat unlimited until your hunger disappears.

Follow the 5 simple steps correctly then at the end of the 7th day you will feel lighter and would have lost 5 kilos of weight easily.

 7 days guide for GM vegan diet weight loss program

  • GM Diet Day 1:

    Fruits Day – Eat all the fruits on this day except for banana. Eat lot of watermelons, apples and cantaloupe. You can eat fruits any no of times and in any quantity, there is no restriction. Do not take any fruit juices. Drink 12 glasses of water. Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients and are very rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber etc. If you are doing GM diet for the first time you might feel little tired on day 1.

  • GM Diet Day 2:

    Vegetable Day –Eat all the vegetables on this day as much as you want. You can eat raw vegetables or cooked. Have a large potato in the morning and avoid eating potato further in the day. Drink a lot of water. Vegetable is rich in carbohydrates and gives lot of energy. So you should not be feeling tiredness during this day.

  • GM Diet Day 3:

    Fruits and Vegetable Day – Eliminate the potato and banana from vegetables and fruits. Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible today and drink lot of water. This day would be very easy and should have lost a minimum of 2 kilos totally.

  • GM Diet Day 4:

    Banana and Milk Day –Eat up to 6 bananas and 3 glasses of milk during this day. As you notice the first 3 days your body does not get any potassium this will be the day where you get rich potassium and sodium from the banana. You probably will not feel hungry during this day and may not eat all the bananas.

  • GM Diet Day 5:

    Rice and Tomatoes: Rice is for the carbohydrates and tomatoes are for the digestion and fiber. Eat 1 cup of brown rice and 6 tomatoes in the whole day. You should drink a lot of water, especially on this day. Drinking lot of water cleanses excess of uric acids you will be producing and purifies the body.

  • GM Diet Day 6:

    Rice and Vegetables – You can eat 1 cup of brown rice followed by the vegetables. You can eat all the vegetables cooked or uncooked as your want. Drink lot of water this day. You can notice at least 4 -5 kilos of reduction by this day.

  • GM Diet Day 7:

    Rice, Vegetables and Fruit Juice – You can eat 1 cup of brown rice followed by the vegetables. You can drink fruit juices during this day. Eat more vegetables on this day and continue drinking water.

Check your weight on the 8th Day morning. You will be surprised by seeing  your weight. There should be a flat reduction of 4-5 kilos by this time. You can go back to your normal plan from day 8th onwards. It is recommended not to overtake any junk items immediately after the GM diet. Give one or two days of time so that your body perfectly adjusts to your normal food intake.

Side effects that one may experience during the 7 days diet plan

  1. Feelings of weakness
  2. Suffer from malnutrition
  3. Feelings of dehydration and thirst
  4. Dizziness and headache
  5. Hunger pangs

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