How to Generate Fake Screenshots on the Internet

Many times on the internet you might have seen fake screenshots and fake funny conversation between famous sports person, popular politicians, Actors etc.  These things go viral sometimes in the social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. So How to Generate Fake Screenshots on the Internet without using any photoshop or editing tool.

Well, it’s simple and easy. There are many websites where you can easily create a screenshot of a fake facebook post, create fake tweets, Generate fake chat messages of FB, iPhone, Siri, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

How to Generate Fake Screenshots on the Internet for Facebook?

The best service available on the internet for creating fake facebook screenshots is WallMachineThe WallMachine is a fun tool where you can easily login to the site using your facebook account and Start creating the fake FB posts. Some of the features WallMmachine provides are listed below.

  • Upload the picture of any person and update the status
  • Add more people by uploading their picture and hit the ‘Like’ button to like the post.
  • Add comments to the post along with the profile picture and post created.

Generate Fake Screenshots on the Internet for Facebook

Status Clone – Create fake Facebook message without login

Status Clone allows you to create fake Facebook Status using the Classic and the Timeline format. Unlike WallMachine, this website does not require any login. So even if you don’t have a Facebook account you can simply visit this site and start generating the fake screenshot for Facebook.

Lemme tweet that for you- Create fake tweets

Lemmetweetthatforyou allows you to create free fake Tweets for fun. To Start visit  the website and enter the username of the person or the twitter handle you want to create the Tweet for. Once you enter the twitter account the tool will automatically update the profile picture by searching in Twitter. Type your favourite tweet which you want to create and edit the number of Retweets and Favourites. You can also edit the date and time of the tweet. Once you are done, save the image by taking a screenshot and have fun.

iFakeText- Make fake Screenshots of iPhone text messages

iFakeText – iFakeText is a popular site which allows you to make a screenshot of text messages or SMS exchanged on an iPhone. The website is very user-friendly and easy to understand.Just visit the website and enter the SMS text conversation in a specific format and generate the screenshot.

iFakeSiri – Create fake Screenshots of iPhone Siri Conversations

iFakeSiri allows you to generate your own Siri conversations. If you don’t have an iPhone and still want to create screenshots of Siri conversation then you could use iFakeSiri.  Select the carrier and start typing the conversation messages if you and Siri in the Conversation window and hit on Generate your SIRI Conversation button to create a screenshot.

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