Fix Adsense 403 Forbidden Error

We all know that it’s very difficult to get Adsense approval and Google only approves quality websites for their Adsense program. In the recent times, some of the people started facing 403 forbidden error from Google Adsense. In this article, we will discuss on How to Fix Adsense 403 Forbidden Error

When exactly you will get 403 forbidden error from Adsense?

Most of the times new users will face 403 issue when they first put up their ad on the website. Also, the users whose application got rejected in the first time and approved later in the resubmission face this issue a lot. All of them would have received the mail from Adsense stating “Your account has been approved and ads will go live within few hours”.

But even after waiting for 2-3 days of the time the ads will not appear on the site. When you go head and check the developer console in chrome or firefox you will find errors in the console saying 403 forbidden error for all the ads.

Apart from these 2 categories if you have using Adsense for a while and if you create new Ad types and Ad sizes and try to experiment on your website for few hours you might get 403 forbidden error. Since every ad unit you create in the Adsense needs to be active and approved.Adsense 403 Forbidden Error

Why does Adsense Display 403 Forbidden error for All the Ads?

The main reason behind 403 Forbidden error in Adsense are :-

  1. You Adsense application just got approved and you are trying to view the ads on the website. It usually takes few hours before the ads appear on the website.
  2. Google might have rejected your application for first few times and later got approved in the resubmission. In this process, the Google Crawlers are not updated with the approval process.
  3. You might have created new ad types and ad units and placed on your website. Usually, this will take 2-3 hours of time to be active, till then you will get 403 forbidden error.

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How to Fix Adsense 403 Forbidden Error?

There are few possible technical issues and it can be fixed. Here are some of the solutions to the 403 forbidden issue.

#1. Verify you Adsense Code

The first and foremost step is to verify your Adsense code on your website. Login to your Adsense account and copy the Script and verify if the exact script is present on your site. Visit your web page
and Right Click–>View Source or press Ctrl + U to view source the HTML code of the page. Verify for the correctness of the Adsense Code.Adsense code verification

#2. Add and Authorize your Website URL in Adsense Account

The second step is to add the URL in the Adsense portal. Login to your Adsense application and Click on the Gear Icon–>Settings–>My Sites–>Manage Sites and add your website URL. Once you add the URL check if ”Only Authorize my verified sites to use my ad code” is  on.

403 Forbidden Error in Adsense

#3. Turn Off CloudFlare and Rocket Loader

If you are using Cloudflare by any chance then first thing is to turn off the Rocket Loader. Often it is reported in various places at Google Forum that Rocket script will break the Adsense code. Login to your Cloudflare and Navigate to Speed Section, Disable the Rocket Loader.

If possible turn off the Cloudflare once and clear the cache of your website and verify if the ads are displaying properly.

Adsense Rocket Loader Issue

#4. Disable HTML and JavaScript Minifications and Bundling

Minification is a process of eliminating white spaces and comments in the CSS and JS files. Bundling is combining multiple CSS/JS files into one file and serving them as one request. If you are using any kind of JavaScript or HTML minification and Bundling then turn off for a while and verify if the Ads are loading properly. Some of the third party JavaScript codes may not have scripted well and it might cause to break the script completely.

#5. Contact your Hosting Service

If you are using any Private hosting or services like Namecheap, they would have applied a mod rule and it will block the third party services. Contact them to whitelist your domain if any such issue exists.

#6. Report the issue in Google Forums

There are many experts out there in the Google forum and just put the URL and issue in the Google forum by creating a new thread. You will get a lot of solutions to the issue.

#7. Last but not least Use Adsense Troubleshooter

The final step is to create a ticket with Google itself by using Adsense troubleshooter. The Adsense troubleshooter asks you certain questions and it will ask you to troubleshoot.

The Adsense troubleshooter is a 6 step process and only at the last step you will be able to create a ticket and Adsense experts will directly address your issue via email. But do not skip any step else Google will ask you to go through one by one process through email and it will take a lot of time for resolution. Better to try out all the troubleshooting process which is listed and log a ticket at the end.

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