Dofollow vs Nofollow

One of the greatest debates in the SEO world will always be DoFollow vs NoFollow Links. So what exactly are these links and how does it helps in building the SEO rank of your site.

Dofollow vs Nofollow

What is DoFollow Link?

DoFollow will pass link juice/equity to another website or page on a website. Typically, this encourages visitor participation and builds up the reputation of the site. When the search engines bots are crawling a website they always look for a external links which will point to the other sites. When it finds the external links pointing to other site with a dofollow link the page will get a small boost up.

Eg:  The below links are the example of the Dofollow.

 What is NoFollow Link?

NoFollow links will not count in boosting the pagerank of the site. When Nofollow links are specified in the website it indicates the  search engine bots not to encourage the links. The nofollow links do not pass on the link juice. Nofollow attribute was mainly introduced to stop the spamming on the blogging and Wikipedia website. Google has made it clear that weightage of the nofollow link attributes will be very less compared to dofollow.

  • Spiders will not follow the link
  • Users can click on the link and follow the link
  • PageRank is not be counted

The nofollow value was originally suggested to stop comment spam in blogs. Believing that comment spam affected the entire blogging community, in early 2005 Google’s Matt Cutts and Blogger’s Jason Shellen proposed the value to address the problem. This was created by Microsoft and the major search engine companies like Google and Yahoo.

Eg: Below link is the example of nofollow.

Why is Dofollow link more useful than Nofollow link?

DoFollow Vs NoFollow

The page rank provided by google majorly depends on the dofollow links for your site. If more site are providing dofollow links to your site than higher the chances that your site rank will be increased by google. More links to your site means more link juice, which results in higher ranking of your website pages. Google thinks your pages are more valuable and informative and delivers those as the top pages to searchers.

The Nofollow link will still produce some traffic to the website but it will not pass the juice. So most of the search engines will ignore the nofollow links. Most of the comment section in the blogging site will now have the nofollow tag appended when any links will be posted as a comment.

How to get dofollow links?

  1. Write a quality content so the other bloggers will share your content automatically and you will get a dofollow link.
  2. Post the articles in some of the popular social media sites like Hub Pages, Tumblr, Biz sugar etc.
  3. Do a guest posting on the related blogging sites. This helps in getting referral traffic to your site.


To conclude over dofollow vs nofollow the blog or  website require equally dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Both the links help in getting the traffic to the website and if the content is good then people will always share it with the social media. So quality content will always get more impression and gets higher page rank.

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