Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin

There might be certain situations where you will be facing a serious issue with your WordPress site on the installation of some erroneous plugin. The worst part is you will get locked out from logging into the admin area of WordPress, so you can’t deactivate the plugin also. In this article, we will guide you to Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin.

Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin

There are basically two methods to disable WordPress plugins without admin access. The first approach is to use FTP access and the second one uses phpMyAdmin

Deactivate All Plugins Using FTP

  1. Login to your FTP account using any FTP clients like WinSCP/FileZilla. You could also use cpanel file manager.
  2. Navigate to the wp-content folder. Here you will find a folder named Plugins.
  3. Rename the plugins folder as plugins.bak / plugins.deactivate.
  4. Once the rename is complete you should be able to login to a wp-admin panel of WordPress.
  5. You could go back to FTP and rename plugins.bak folder to plugins.
  6. Refresh the admin page in WordPress and you should see the complete plugin list deactivated.
  7. Activate one by one plugin to verify which plugin had caused the issue.

Deactivate all plugins using phpMyAdmin

  1. Login to the phpMyAdmin account from your Hosting account.
  2. Find the table by the name wp_options and locate the option name which says “active_plugins”.It’s usually on the 2nd page with the option_ID in the 30s.
  3. Click edit next to the option and copy all the values into a notepad as a backup so that you can revert it back in case if you need.
  4. Change the value to a:0:{}
  5. Click on the Go and Save the changes. All the plugins should be disabled now and you can activate it one by one.

Note: The phpMyAdmin method is for those who has some technical knowledge of MySQL or WordPress. Editing the wrong options may screw up the complete site. The recommended option for non-technical guys is to use FTP methods to deactivate all the plugins.


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