7 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Green tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originated in China, but it has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. There are many health benefits of drinking green tea.

Over the last few decades, green tea has been subjected to numerous scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits, with some evidence suggesting that regular green tea drinkers may have a lower risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancers.

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

  1. Anti-Oxidants in Green Tea helps in preventing Diabetes – Green Tea helps in preventing Diabetes. Green tea consists of  Polyphenols and they are known to have anti-oxidative properties which can help protect against inflammation and carcinogens. In simple words, these properties in tea can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. 3 Cups of Green tea daily can help in 40% reduction on type 2 diabetes.
  2. Anti-Oxidants in Green Tea helps in preventing Cancer -A 2012 systematic review concluded the evidence that green tea can prevent cancer “is inadequate and inconclusive” but with some evidence for a reduction in certain types of cancer (breast, prostate, ovarian and endometrial). Again the Polyphenols antioxidants present in the tea helps in preventing cancer.
  3. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease usually starts appearing as we grow old in life, usually after the age of 50. Both the diseases are neurodegenerative, meaning that brain cells (neurons) become damaged and die during the course of the disease. They are also both progressive, and will get worse over the time. In the late stages of both diseases, the neurodegeneration can ultimately lead to dementia – a severe impairment in memory, judgment, orientation, and executive functioning. Studies showed that green tea protected the brain cells from dying and also restore the damaged brain cells.
  4. Green Tea helps in Weight Loss – Although green tea does not raise the metabolic rate enough to produce immediate weight loss, a green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine has been shown to induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation, boosting the metabolic rate 4% without increasing the heart rate. This helps in weight reduction.
  5. Green tea helps in preventing Heart Disease -Lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease may be as easy as drinking green tea. Studies suggest this light, aromatic tea may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, which may be responsible for the tea’s association with reduced risk of death from heart disease and stroke. A study of 40,530 Japanese adults found that participants who drank more than five cups of green tea a day had a 26% lower risk of death from heart attack or stroke and a 16% lower risk of death from all causes than people who drank less than one cup of green tea a day.
  6. Green Tea can kill germs and bacteria and helps in tooth Decay -Antimicrobial molecules called catechins may account for green tea’s benefits. Catechins have been shown to kill mouth bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease, so the researchers suspect this is what gives green tea its dental benefits.
  7. Skincare and Aging – Green tea helps in reducing the wrinkles and signs of aging. The anti-oxidants present in the green tea helps skin from sun damage.

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