14 ways to Get Instant Followers from Google+ and Increase Traffic

The best way to drive traffic to your website is through Social Media Sites. Most of them use Facebook and Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites but do forget to use Google+. In recent times, Google+ has grown vast over 250+ million users and it is the best source to Get Instant Followers from Google+ and Increase Traffic to your website.

According to the Moz data, the no of audience active on Google+ and who interacts socially with any Google products on a monthly basis exceeds 500 million. It is also believed that Posting regularly in google plus has seo benefits. Some of the main benefits of Google Plus are listed below.

Google Plus Tactics to Get Instant Followers and Increase Website Traffic

  1. Build an Authority in the Niche
  2. Create eye-catching posts in Google+ which engage your audience and drives traffic to your blog
  3. Follow as many people as possible
  4. Use #hashtags in the Posts to increase visitors.
  5. Use Images in the Google+ Posts
  6. Join Google+ Communities to get more followers and Page Views
  7. Post on Google+ regularly
  8. Pick the best time to Post on Google Plus
  9. Get influencers to share your content
  10. Link you Google Plus Profile everywhere
  11. Leverage Google+ Comments
  12. Ask for +1s on your posts.
  13. Interact with what’s hot.
  14. +Post Ads: the future of social engagement

#1. Build an Authority in the Niche

The first thing you need to do is to build an authority of your name/brand. If you are a brand or website then it is recommended to create google plus business page. You should be an expert in the particular niche and solve as many problems as you could which people face. Shape your profile as an expert in the niche and you will get tons of followers very soon. Create a community on Google+ and link it to your website. Give a G+ follow widget in the sidebar of the website. Most of the visitors who like your content will definitely follow you on the Google +.

Put some real pictures of yourself or the logo of your website, Add an interesting tagline and description in the G+ Page. This way people get to know who you are and what exactly the page is about. This also helps your website in increasing domain authority and trust flow.

#2. Create eye-catching posts in Google+ which engage your audience and drives traffic to your blog

The second step is to create an interesting and eye-catching posts in the G+ to your targeted audience. Google plus allows you to customize your posts. You can format the posts by making the important keywords bold, italics, and add the bulleted points wherever necessary to make the post eye-catching.

With enhanced formatting, you are creating the post which is more appealing to the visitor and it also enhances the readability of the post.

Moz Cheat sheet for Google+ Post

Google Plus Formatting Cheats Moz

How to  format the text in Google+ post

  • Bold the headline text of the post. This is very important.
  • Use italics in the post. This will make the post look attractive.
  • Use the bulleted points or numbered list to make the post more readable.
  • Use proper hashtags in the post.
  • Use the links wherever applicable. If you are doing affiliate marketing promotion then bold the link text to highlight it in the post.

#3. Follow as many people as possible

The most important things to get the followers is to follow as many people as possible. Only if you follow others they follow you back. The social media etiquette is very simple. Follow me and I follow you back unless the other account doesn’t look SPAM. The only place where it fails is  most of the celebrity and the busy person may not follow you back even if you follow them.

How to follow people on Google+

  • Click on the people icon in upper right corner of Google+
  • You should see a list of “People to add” in Google+
  • Go through the list and add them to the circles and associate them according to friends, family, colleagues etc.
  • Add as many people as you want to. There is no restriction on the count. In turn, later they will follow you back.
  • Follow the people in “See More Suggestions” and follow them. Most of them would follow you back.

Google plus Follow as many people as possibleHow many will follow you back?

We know that not everyone tends to follow you back. But in general, you will get google plus followers back. The ratio of following back goes something like this

  • One-quarter of strangers not in your niche will follow you back.
  • One-half of strangers who are in the niche will follow you back.
  • Two-thirds of your friends will follow you back.

#4. Use #hashtags in the Posts to increase visitors.

We all know Twitter and Facebook have made us accustomed to hashtags, but Google+ uses hashtags in entirely different ways to organize and to display recommended content.

Google uses Semantic index to analyze the hashtags and forms the relationship between the topics. For Example, let’s says you are searching for a hashtag #linkbuilding you can notice the related topics with the SEO hashtag. Here is the screenshot of the related hashtags displayed for #linkbuilding

Google Plus Link Building HashtagThese associations are not random. You can teach Google about these relationships by tagging your own posts.

By default Google often adds a hashtags automatically to all the posts with sufficient text. The best practice is to add your own hashtags at the end of the post.

#5. Use Images in the Google+ Posts

If you want more engagement on the posts then always you should use images in the posts. Using animated gif images or attractive JPEG images will definitely increase the chances of visitor engagement and sharing back the post.

If you have used any image in an open graph or set as a featured image of the post. Google always tries to fetch that image and display it on the post. You can remove the default image and upload a new image if required.

Google Plus Images in Post to Increase Followes

#6. Join Communities to get more followers and Page Views

Like Facebook groups, Google+ also has communities of particular niche or topic where you can get massive exposure. Some of the groups have members around 100K which are a very good number and chances to get traffic from google plus to your site from those communities are very high.

You can create your own group and invite the people or simply you can search for a group based on the niche and join them. Why do you need to take all the struggle to build a community where already exists with huge members?

Click on the communities and search by using the keywords. For Eg: I am interested in SEO then I would simple search SEO in the search box. I get a list of SEO communities where I can see the member count and join one of it.

Google Plus CommunitiesLook for communities to join that have these characteristics:

Large Communities –

Join the large community on you niche. Large community mean having a maximum no of members which could be 100 to thousands of people. You could easily find members with 100k+in all the popular niche.

Active Communities –

Each community icon tells you how many members and how many posts are there in the community. If there are thousands of posts then the community is pretty much active. Also, look if the community has genuine posts, not any SPAM content.

Relevant Communities –

Make sure you are joining communities only that are relevant to your niche and interests. Even if the community is small it should be based on the same niche to get interaction with your posts.

Google+ community tips which are useful:

  • Do not waste time in building your own community. Join existing community and be active to get instant traffic.
  • Interact with the people, engage with other posts and build the relationship with other people.
  • Follow the rules of the community. Just don’t SPAM with your own links all the time.
  • Ask for a moderator after some time, they will give you if you are active enough.

#7. Post on Google+ regularly

Another general rule of social media is you should be active every day and do at least one post every day.

  • The more active you are on Google+, more often you appear in the feeds.
  • The More often you appear in the feeds, more like you are to be seen and get followed.
  • As long as you are active and posting regularly you will get a stream of followers. Just make sure that you have a unique style of posting from others this is what will stand out from other people.

#8. Pick the best time to Post

Posting regularly is important but posting at the right time is the most important to get maximum engagements and views of the post.  You need to analyze your followers from which time zone they come from and based on that you need to post.

This will be trial and error, initially, you could just post at a various time and see the analytics, by this you will come to know the perfect timing to post on Google+.

There are tools like timing+ which analyze your posts and finds the perfect time where the interactions are maximum.

#9. Get influencers to share your content

You could also use Google plus to connect with influencers and brands. This can give you a huge boost in traffic if they share your content.

Write a very good post and mention the influential people in the post. Do not SPAM them on every post. Just make sure the post is relevant and as far as you follow them you can tag them in the post.

If they like you post to accept and share it then you can get tons of followers and views to you website.

#10. Link you Google Plus Profile everywhere

You can get extra follows by linking your profile to various other places. Be generous while mentioning your Google + account.

  • Link Google+ account in guest posts
  • Link in the email signatures
  • Add Google Plus to website or blog.

The more you spread the more you get followers.

Google Plus Widget box

#11. Leverage Google+ Comments

Like Facebook commenting system Google+ also has its own commenting system.

You could easily embed Google+ comments on your own blog. What makes it special and powerful is it gives an option to the visitors when they leave a comment. They can share the post to their Google+ followers. Most of them would really do if they like your post.

Officially Google+ commenting system is only supported in the Google’s Blogger platform. Fortunately, people have developed plugins for WordPressDrupalwhere it makes very easy to integrate with your blogs.
Google Plus Commenting Box Plugin

#12. Ask for +1s on your posts.

If you want +1s on your posts then do ask. Don’t be afraid to ask +1’s. Statistics shows that if you ask for likes, retweets and +1s you will get them easily.

Whenever you are posting something good or when you post a blog at the end of it just mention if you do like the post “Follow us” or “+1s”. Most of them would +1 for sure.

#13. Interact with what’s hot.

Like Twitters and Facebook trending topics Google+ comes up with What’s hot. To get into an action all you need to do is click on What’s hot button on the profile tab and start engaging.

Here are some of the actions you can perform on what’s hot topics

  • Comment on popular posts
  • Share popular posts

Google Plus Whats Hot

#14. +Post Ads: the future of social engagement

If you are having a brand product and you need an instant visitors and followers then you could use +Post Ads. Like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads Google plus also has developed +Post Ads where you could easily turn a post into ads and display it to massive users.

The interaction will give you more followers and visitor engagement within no time. You will get more social sharing and even after the paid promotion is over still you can get social shares and engagement.

While +Post Ads is still in early stage, it will take some time to marketers to learn how effectively they can leverage this channel.

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