10 Excellent Search Shortcuts to Make You a Better Googler

Here are the 10 Excellent Search Shortcuts to Make You a Better Googler

  1. Search the terms/content within any or a particular site. Let say you want to know about the discount coupons from Groupon. The site might not have better search functionality or the advanced filtering options enabled. The best way to find the information from that site is using google. Try the search term as Syntax:(domain name: search term)  groupon.com: Best Deals in bangalore. By using this google will filter out all the links present in the groupon site related to Best deals available in Bangalore.
  2. Search for flight and flight information using google search. Lets say you want to travel from Bangalore to Chennai  through flight. The best way to find the available flights is using google search. Type bangalore chennai flights in google search this will show all the available flights from bangalore to chennai.Flight-Search
  3. Use google search as Calculator. Google is quite capable of calculating arithmetic  operations. It can even calculate the complex things. To use google calculator type the arithmetic expression in the google and click on search.Google Calulator
  4. Determine any time zone easily. This feature is very helpful if we have our friends and family in different parts of the world.  Its hard to track the exact time of various cities in the world. Lets say if i want to know the current time of new york city i will just type “New york  time” in google search bar.Google Timezone
  5. Find out the current weather of your city using google. Type in “New York Weather” in google search to find the complete week’s weather forecast. Google uses accuweather service to display the information.Google Weather
  6. Define, translate, or find synonyms and antonyms for words. This one is pretty self-explanatory! To find out the meaning of any word type in the google as “define loquacious” (or whatever word you’re curious about). The definition will come up first, along with the word’s synonyms and antonyms. Click the arrow below the definition card to learn its origin, translate it, or see its pattern of use over time.Google Dictonary
  7. Google Stocks. Search your favorite stock quotes online and get the real time data of the stock. For getting this information you should know the stock code or the company name For Eg: To find out the current price of Google Stock type in “Google Stock“, For Apple type in “Apple Stock” . This will provide the real time feed and the detail chart of Google stock code .Google Finance
  8. Find the release dates of Movies, Music and Games. Its hard to find the release date of the games, music in the official website. So just ask google instead of visiting the official site. For eg lets say i want to know the release date of GTA 5 i just Type in “GTA 5 Release Date”  in google search and find out the exact release date. Similarly you can find out the release dates for movies as well as for Music.Game Release Date
  9. Use google for conversion of various things. We were probably all taught to memorize various conversions in grade school: inches to centimeters, liters to cups, and so on. But as soon as the Internet came into existence, that information quickly disappeared from my mind. Now I rely on Google’s lightning-fast digital converter. It has pretty much every practical unit of measurement you could want in areas of length, temperature, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time, and digital storage. Just type the units you want to convert from and to — like “148 pounds to kilograms” or “200 MPH to KPH” — and Google will give you the auto-converted result. You can browse the categories by clicking on the arrow button at the top-right corner of the box, and the arrows below the numbers to switch between specific units.Google Conversion
  10. Get to know your current IP Address. Type in “ip address” in the google search and you can get to know your current public IP address. Alternatively if you need more details on the IP Address checkout IP Lookup tool


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